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Unbelievable Massage on the Beach

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I have told you about many of my experiences here in Thailand, but today was something very special


I was sitting alone in my deckchair on the beach here in Thailand. There are many people wandering up and down the beach all the time selling everything you can think of-food, drinks, fruit, sunglasses, oils and many other things.

After living here for nine years, they all know me and leave me alone because I don't need to buy anything. They always say hello anyway.

But now is 'low season' and there are very few holiday-makers here now, and so there are very few people to buy. So I was very surprised when this one middle-aged lady asked me to buy some coconut oil for massage, or creams for this and that, and many Thai herbal oils including herbal viagra !!!

I told her I didn't want anything, and she said she had no sales today and no money to go home with. I have heard this many times, but she had sat down on the sand, right next to me, with her little eyes pleading with me to buy something. I very politely told her I had got everything she was selling...........and then it happened !!

I only wear a thong or bikini g-string on the beach and I was sitting on the deckchair with my thong on. I was not excited or anything, but she just looked up into my eyes pleading with me just to buy one bottle of something. Then she looked at my bulge (not excited at all-but nice and big in my thong). She whispered that she had some natural herbal oil for that which would make it very strong. I asked her what she meant (!) and she put her two fingers onto my sleeping cock and gently said her oil could help this, and then she just gently stroked my balls and said it was good for them as well!! You can imagine, no-one could see anything because many people sit on chairs and also on the beach, and her right hand was up between my legs but could not be seen from anywhere, because she was sitting low on the sand.

I told her I did not need any oil to help them, but she asked me just to try a little bit and feel it go warm. I should then massage everything two or three times a day, and then shower it all off after 15-20 minutes.

She had a trial bottle there and tipped some on her hand. I thought she was going to give me some to try. But no-she put it on her hand and gently rubbed it through my thong onto my cock and balls. It is very thin material and, although it made a mess on the outside, the oil went through onto my dick and balls, which were already starting to react to her fingers.

She didn't take her little pleading eyes off me, and I looked round, but no-one was watching at all. She asked me if it felt nice, and was it going warm? She could obviously feel me getting strong with her fingers, but just kept looking at me. I told her it felt good, so she poured a little bit more into her hand and then looked back up at me, and talked to me, but she was sliding her little fingers under the edge of my thong now. Slowly, very slowly, she pushed her whole hand under the edge of my thong and held my very strong dick. She smiled and said....see how the oil is working already. Then she moved her hand down and held my balls which are nice and big. She smiled and said they felt very good and the oil would help them a lot.

I looked round, but still no-one was looking at us or paying any attention. I told her it all felt warm now and the oil was good. She moved her little hand back up onto my cock, which was now pushing out of the top of my thong. I told her to stop and she said-no problem and got out a small towel she used to clean her hands with, and put it over the top of the thong and covered up my cock which was already showing pre-cum.

She asked me if I would help her and buy a bottle after I had tried it!! Her hand continued to move up and down. Thai ladies are small and her hand was very small and fitted nicely inside my thong but she could not get her hand round it completely. This didn't matter because the thong material was rubbing the side her fingers couldn't reach.

I was very surprised about how warm it all felt-now I have worked out it is menthol in the oil, and has a very good smell.

So with her little hand showing me how the oil worked, and the excitement about this happening on the beach with lots of other people round us but not looking, it wasn't very long before I told her I was going to cum. Her little eyes looked up at me with a big smile and just held the little towel on top with her other hand while continuing to wank me gently.

I just stretched back in my deck-chair and smiled as I came and came and came. After she felt my throbbing stop, she gently squeezed the towel to get off the last of my cum, and slowly slid her right hand out of my thong. I quietly got my towel out of my bag and draped it on top of everything. She took away her towel and put it on her lap as she sat on the sand. She then opened it up and looked at the big puddle of cum sitting there........looked up and smiled, and said that the oil was working very well!!!

I was still too strong to get my cock into the thong but left my towel on top until it started to go down.

She asked me quietly if she could sell me a bottle to help her, and I said I will take two because of the lovely way she had helped me!!! She was very happy and said now she had money for food for her two little children tonight.

So we were both happy. I am not sure if it was the oil itself or her hand in my thong in public, but I came so much more than I usually do, and she was very pleased when she saw what I had left her in her towel.

When she had gone I watched her trying to sell, but I never saw her get on the beach and demonstrate her oil and her fingers and her wanking skills to anyone else.

I hope she comes again-I will buy more-but only after she gives me another demo.!! Wow....fantastic.



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