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Um..give It a Listen..please

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It looked to be like any other Internet connection. A smile arrived in my inbox. We exchanged a few semi-witty emails. We rolled over to chat on instant messenger. We even had a couple of phone conversations. It was our time spent on the phone, talking about family life, past dating experiences and strange objects found in our fridge that really changed things for me, though. It was there that the real connection between us began...

We both had busy schedules. I had school all day and she spent long hours at night in the school lab, pressing her education to the limits as she fought to find a cure for the whole in her heart that I had been there since Junior year. Her passion inspired me. When she spoke of it, a feeling washed over me and I began to see life as something bigger than the bubble I was living in. I saw life as more important than the sum of evenings spent out at the clubs, flirting with strangers and quaffing adult beverages. The power of working for a greater good became very real and I wanted to be a better person from just a handful of phone conversations. October 30, I actually ran into her. um..I want to just say her name..but I better not... beautiful name. everything about her was just beautiful. she worked at AE, and asked me out with her friends, I said no. crazy huh!? I was only joking, of course I said yes. so we went out, stayed out all night. and thats when I fell in love with her, she ended up staying nights with me, the closest anything came to being sexual, was her straddling me with her vagina over my penis rocking back and forth. the best part of the night was lying in bed talking of what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow and what I hope happens today. I'll skip the long parts, needless to say..its late January, 2007. and well.. she dropped off the radar.

Not my fault, to this day we still hang out, its just not 'there' anymore. on her side anyways, I love her more today than the day I met her, I knew it then and I know it now. all I can do is keep revealing to her this hole in my heart, although I sometimes think she is tired of hearing it, she wears this mask so no one sees the hurt inside her.. and she is so afraid to open up to anyone else, because of her last b/f. that's why we never made it that far.. it hurts so bad. and if your not liking this story, or if its not 'doing' it for you, too bad, this is really for me and it has helped to get it out in the open. If your still listening to me pointlessly ramble..thank you.. have you ever seen that movie 'you've got mail?' I want that. right now. if you'd like to know who I am or what not, im just a college student, no-one special. and I just realized there is no pain like the pain from the opposite sex.



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