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Ultimate Silent Cum With Old Friend

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I'm writing to let you know of a fabulous orgasm I had with a friend of mine a couple of months back. Her name is Rose and she's a cute 50 year old black woman married to a Belgian man. She's 5'4', a little overweight and with baby smooth skin.

Rose and I have always had a very flirtatious relationship (it goes back over 10 years) and we know each other pretty well now. I always take the opportunity to admire her tits when she has a revealing dress on, while she will look at my crotch, and we always have a little squeeze when we hug each other and occasionally she'll lean her tits on my arm when bending over to get something etc. Always very subtle, nothing overt or directly sexual, but we both know what we're doing. We have also had some very intimate sexual conversations which we both greatly enjoy, with me telling her about the sex I've had with other people and she telling me about how she masturbates and how often, but again its always stopped there. Her husband and my wife know that we like to flirt with each other but they don't mind as we've been doing it for so long and they accept it as part of our relationship.

One Sunday evening they invited my wife and I to come and watch some tennis with them, and I came down alone as my wife is not too interested in sports. Rose was lying down on one end of the couch so I sat down on the other end. Her husband and a another male guest of theirs were sitting in their own chairs a bit ahead of us. Rose had just spent a couple of hours doing a pedicure on her feet and she showed us how nice and polished they were. After a few minutes she stretched out her legs and put her feet on my legs (I was sitting up), and covered her feet with a blanket. I absent-mindedly started massaging her feet a little and she didn't seem to mind at all. She got up a couple of times in the course of the evening when there was a commercial and each time when she returned she'd put her legs a bit further forward, so eventually her bare calves were resting on my thighs.

That evening they showed the highlights of the tennis match that was won by Nadal, who Rose has a real crush on and loves to watch. When they showed him winning a set I thought I'd tease her so I looked at her and then with my right hand I bunched up four fingers, leaving the middle finger sticking up and rubbed it up and down quickly on the sole of her foot - simulating a woman's masturbation movements. It was a bit risqué and I didn't know if she'd get it or how she'd react, but she got it right away and stuck her tongue out at me and moved her calf a little higher (whether on purpose or not I don't know) so now it was resting directly over my crotch. We continued to watch the TV and with the pressure of her leg on my crotch I started to get a hard-on. I was wearing some dark pants made from quite thin material and I knew she'd be able to feel my cock as I got harder, but I just let it happen to see what she'd do, fully expecting her to move her legs away. And that's exactly what she did, removing her feet and getting up to fill everyone's glasses. But when she returned she put the blanket over her feet again and then put her legs right back where they had been, except at a slightly better angle so this time her calf was pressing down on the length of my now fully hard cock. That was the sign - I suddenly realized that this woman wanted to feel my cock against her leg and act as though nothing was happening; that realization made me almost woozy with excitement and my heart was beating incredibly fast. After 10 years of flirting she was going to let me rub my cock on her leg.

I had to be careful not to let the others know what was going on nor push my luck too far, so I started very gently squeezing my legs together, which served to rub the tip of my cock against her, without causing any undue movement below the blanket. She didn't press down with her leg, but she didn't move it either. I was so excited that I was short of breath and swallowed hard - and I heard her do the same; we would both do this as an involuntarily reaction when we were really aroused when talking about sex so I knew she was really turned on. Knowing that pushed me to a new level of excitement and I thought, 'screw it, I'm going to go the whole way and cum against her'. By then I was so turned on I just needed one good bit of friction to go over the edge so I pushed down into the sofa a bit to give me a bit of room and then I went for it: I pushed up with my cock and at the same time I pressed her calf down hard against my cock with my hand. I started to cum right away and I held her leg tight and just let my cock throb and spasm against her as I came, first with one shot of cum, then another, then another, then another, until I emptied my cock which took about 20 seconds and then I had another 30 seconds or so of aftershocks which I only ever get after an extreme cum. All this time both of us were completely silent and watching the TV and the others had no idea what was happening. I could feel my wetness seeping out through my pants and onto her leg and I slowly released my grip on her and my whole body went limp. She just kept her leg on me and made no effort to move it away.

At that point I suddenly thought 'Oh shit, what have I done? I've just ejaculated against my close family friend right in front of her husband.' But more pressing was how the hell was I going to leave the room without the other two noticing the huge wet spot on my pants. I waited a bit till I was half hard (I was still quite turned on so my cock wouldn't go completely soft) and then chose a moment of action on the screen to slip out to the bathroom. I stood up and turned towards Rose and away from the others, and as I passed by her head I saw her eyes were locked onto my crotch. I made it to the hall without the others seeing me and got my sweater from the dining room which I wrapped tightly around my waist so it covered the wetness. I thought it would look suspicious if I left then and there, so I went back to sit down on my spot, feeling pretty embarrassed and careful not to look Rose in the eye. I didn't have to worry about that though, as she immediately put the covers back over us, and put her legs back on my thighs as if nothing had happened. What a gal! After 5 minutes or so I excused myself and left and she followed me to the door to say goodbye. We gave each other a big smile and hug and I said 'thank's a lot, Rose', and she said 'thank you too', and that was it. We've seen each other a couple of times since and there hasn't been any mention of it, or more importantly, any signs of the relationship being strained or uncomfortable.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.



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