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Ultimate Male Orgasm Fantasy

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A friend and I both have partners with low libido, so we masturbate to make up for the lack of sex. We have had a few discrete sexual encounters which I can’t discuss here, but I think it is okay to say the sex was memorable. We do not live within driving distance, so we share masturbation stories and fantasies about the things we want to do with each other to enhance our solo sessions.

He is in his 30s, tall, fit, very well endowed, multi-orgasmic, and has the most perfect man parts I have ever seen! He keeps himself shaved including his firm balls and perineum. Consequently, masturbating him and going down on him are extremely pleasurable and an amazing turn on for me. He loves giving oral too and he has lovely hands with sexy long fingers which have given me great pleasure during our brief encounters. I am in my 40s, about 5’6”, slim build, with round average sized breasts and sensitive nipples. I also wax/shave everything except for a neatly trimmed landing strip. My labia are larger than your average porn star with my inner labia protruding slightly. NB - Love your labia girls! The men I have been with have all complimented me on my sexy pussy.

I often become aroused in the shower or while getting ready in the nude so I like to have a quick cum before I get dressed and head off to work. I love giving a man pleasure and one of my fantasies is to stimulate his prostate internally while stimulating his penis to give him the ultimate male orgasm. I have never had the opportunity to experience this, but I have read a lot about it and I think it can be an amazing experience with good communication and proper lubrication.

My partner, like many men, does not want to be touched or penetrated there, so I was too shy to try anything with my friend on the few occasions we were together. I wish I had, because I have since learned that he is open to exploring this and now I am not sure when I will get the opportunity to see him in person again. The morning after we discussed it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I knew I had to cum before I went to work or I would be horny and distracted all day. The following story describes my masturbation session that morning and what I was thinking about that got me so hot.

I propped my ass up on the edge of the bed with my legs parted holding a velvet tiered bullet vibe on my labia just below my clit with the wire pointing down. I was holding the vibe lightly with the wire between my fingers thinking about how I would like to stimulate him... He is on his back and I imagine myself licking his firm balls, and perineum to get them nice and wet so I can caress my hand over them easily, while stroking his beautiful cock with my other hand. He loves having his balls caressed and it causes him to release a bit of precum which I swirl around his head with my thumb before going down for a quick taste. While stroking his huge erection, I massage his sexy prominent perineum, grazing his anus at the end of each stroke. He becomes very excited and opens up to me, so I lube up my fingers and give his anus a nice external massage. He starts to press against me so I slip the tip of my finger in and he moans in pleasure. I apply some shallow gentle strokes and he pushes into me taking me in deeper.

There is a mirror across from my bed so I glance at myself from time to time as I continue to vibe myself. My pussy is nice and swollen and I can feel the vibrations radiating outwards towards my clit and my vagina. My nipples are hard, so I play with them a bit which doubles my pleasure. I like to squeeze and tug at them gently like I am being milked. I’m pushing the vibe up and down slightly so it stimulates the tip of my clit on each up stroke, while it continues to vibe against my labia. It feels so good; I close my eyes and continue to indulge my fantasy...I reach up as my finger slips in and I am overwhelmed with excitement as I locate his prostate and start stroking it gently. I ask if that is okay and he encourages me to continue. I use my thumb to gently massage his perineum at the same time. He is oozing precum, which I use as lube to stroke his cock. I can tell he loves this by the sound of his sexy little grunts and moans, and that turns me on big time.

These thoughts are driving me crazy. Turning a guy on and making him lube up enough to fully stroke him with it always makes me hotter and wetter. I am so close now; I know I am going to cum soon! I close my eyes and imagine how intense this must be for him...I build him up slowly, and his moaning intensifies as he approaches orgasm. Suddenly his prostate stiffens and his cock swells even more. He lets go and I feel his ass contracting hard around my finger as his cock shoots stream after stream of cum. I cry out as my orgasm rips through me and I watch my pussy twitch in the mirror as I cum and cum.

When I’m finally spent, I stand up and dip my finger in to get a taste of my own cum. I left the vibe in place the whole time, and had not been fingering myself, so I had no idea how wet I was. Then I see it! It looks like a dab of lube about the size of a quarter on the side of my mattress. I must have been dripping wet dreaming about stroking his gorgeous cock all lubed up with his own precum.



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