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1pm; I'm in the university library, second floor in the 'history' section. I am hidden away in a row of bookshelves, near the back corner, seated on a set of steps people use to reach top shelves. My target, Ian, cute, slightly hunky but shy has just sat down at a table about 30 metres away to my front left. Although I've gone out with him a couple of times he hasn't had the courage to go further than a goodnight kiss. For all that I think he'll change, given some minor encouragement. By bending slightly I can observe him through the rows of books without being seen. There are not many other people around. The security guard is down at the far end, talking to a librarian.

I make myself as comfortable as I can. Deep breath. I'm feeling horny and naughty, but I'm nervous as well. I take out my Blackberry, open my legs, lift my skirt high and aim at my pussy, clad in dark blue panties. Take photo. Check photo, centred nicely on my mound and a showing a tasteful hint of my vaginal groove. Dial Ian's number. Txt 'FYEO'. Send message, then send photo. Observe target answering. Even from where I am I can see a spectacular double take! I almost choke stifling my giggles. He looks around then sits staring at his phone. Then he starts texting. My phone vibrates. Message reads ':-O!' Poor guy, I've only just started!

For a while I quietly rub and pat my pussy. I have carefully waxed most of my mound, leaving a tuft of hair at the top of my slit. She starts to respond and I feel my wetness seeping through. Carefully I ease my panties deeper into my groove. Deep breath again. Take photo. My pussy starts purring at the result! Dial number, send photo. This time he just stares then shakes his head, grinning fit to bust. His Message 'RYS?' Response: '4UFUWNT + THS XOXO'-lift sweatshirt and bra, take photo of left breast and send. I think he'll get the message. Meantime I checked my bag and realised I'd forgotten an essential tool. Instead I grab my silver pen.

Just then I noticed that the security guy had started patrolling. I lower my top and bra, close my legs, quickly grab a book and pretend to be reading, tapping the pen against my chin. As strolls past he looks down my aisle. I give him a quick, distracted glance then go back to my 'reading.' He walks on. I look at Ian. He's just sitting there looking slightly dazed but happy. Time to really make his day!

I give the guard time to go back to the front desk and settle down then I push my damp panties down my thighs. After some thought I take them off altogether, tucking them into my bag. Opening my legs again I slide my pen up and down my wet slit. Then I ease it into my hungry vagina. Faint slurping noises come from my sopping love tunnel as I slide the pen in and out. My thighs, groin and pussy are tingling. The faint, musky scent of my arousal is trapped in the confined area. I lean back and sigh as I find my clitty. She is throbbing, begging for some attention. A gentle stroking and circling with my wet fingertip takes care of her. She rewards me with some warm, exquisite jolts through my womanhood. I have to stifle the moan which trys to escape. Down below a trickle of my fluid oozes out of my love hole and down my perineum. Now, the photo.

I lean back against the wall, open my legs wide, placing my feet on the top step. As I aim the lens I peel myself wide open. Again I gently tease my clitty. She stands stiff and once more rewards me with a warm shock. Deep breath. Take photo. My luscious pink vulva stares back at me. I always love looking at her soft, intimate, intricate contours. Sometimes I wish I were flexible enough to bend over and lick her, but I'll leave that for someone else! Deep breath. Dial Ian. Send photo.

Again I had to stifle my giggles at his reaction. Poor love looked like he had been hit by a mallet, but he looked really happy as well. Then his fingers got busy. Message from Ian '!!?? RUTHTHRNY??' Further message '20 CNICU?' Response 'RLYHRNY LKAHED 2Y RT' I walked out to the start of the row. Ian's jaw dropped when he saw me. We walked to his flat, just down the road, and spent the rest of the afternoon 8G and FKG and taking lots of photos.



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