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Two Young Boys Learning To Cum

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The first time is always awesome!


When I was younger I joined the Cub Scouts. During one of the meetings I met a boy the same age and found his parents and mine were best friends and we lived only a few blocks away. After school we played together quite a bit until we became best friends.

Not too long after we were sitting outside and he squeezed his pant leg against his penis which looked stiff and asked, 'Do you ever get like this?' I was a little embarrassed but I said, 'Yes, all the time'.

Later I found, due to developing hormones, young boys experience erections up to 20 times day but usually don't know why. As time went by we started having fun showing our little hard ons through our pants.

About a year later I overheard probably 15 year olds boys talking about beating their meat until they made it cum. Well, at the time that was all Greek to me.

Back then sex wasn't discussed by parents and everything was censored so I had not seen and nude pictures.

My 4' hard-on always felt good and I always remembered older boys talking about beating their meat. I did all sorts of strange things to it which only made it sore.

When I was in the tub taking a bath I stood up to wash below my waist my dick started to get hard again. The more I rubbed it with suds the harder it became and the better it felt so I kept it up. I squeezed a few fingers around it and slowly pumped it up and down several times and in less than a minute white stuff squirted out three or for times. I was so shocked I thought I had hurt myself.

The next day I thought maybe I had finally learned how to cum so I quietly went into the bathroom and closed the door. I was already hard thinking about it so I took it out and after pumping it less than a minute I was shooting cum in the toilet. Talk about a fantastic feeling!

I didn't tell my friend until a few days later when I excitedly asked him, 'Have you learned how to beat your meat and make it cum?' He said no, have you?' I said, 'Yes, a few days ago and it feels great. Want me to show you how? Since your Mother is home and my parents are at work come over to my house and I'll show you'.

He said OK so we went into the bathroom at my house and closed and locked the door. Of course we were so hard by then in anticipation as soon as we dropped our pants and shorts our circumcised dicks were hard and bouncing up and down. I said, 'Wrap you fingers and thumb around it and start off pumping it up and down'.

He watched me as I started off slow and as it began to feel better we went faster and faster until I said, 'Watch my dick. Cum is ready to shoot'. He watched as cum squirted three or four times about a foot.

I said, 'Beat it faster and your dick should shoot cum too'. In a few more seconds out it came! We got together several more times just having fun beating our meat until we began having a contest seeing who could cum first, how far we could make it shoot and how many times.

Unfortunately he moved away and we rarely saw each but we did get together several more times to beat off just to watch cum shoot.

Later on I only had a male to male encounter twice. Being a widower now, given the chance, would I consider masturbating with a male again? I think about it a good bit when I am horny and masturbating but probably not. When my orgasm subsides the thought quickly vanishes but I do enjoy beating off while watching awesome cum shot videos!

At my age, how often do I masturbate? At least once a day! After writing this I'm in the mood! Want to join me?



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