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Two Weeks of Training

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This happened around 20+ years ago. I was working as a mechanic at a car dealership and was chosen to go to a two week long factory training course in Atlanta. I was flown there, picked up at the airport by the motel van and taken to my 'home' for the next two weeks: a motel room. The dealership was of course watching there dollars and the motel was clean but certainly not a first rate place. Of course no rental car was part of the deal. Lots of restaurants and a mall were near by and this was it. The factory training facility all day followed by this motel all evening and night.

After a week or so I was talking to another of the trainees during a coffee break telling him how horny I was getting. He told me that he too had been horny. I caught the HAD in his sentence real quick. He went on to tell me that two nights ago at our motel he had stepped out for some fresh air and that he passed this blonde wearing white shorts and a tank top and eyed her legs as she walked by and how she turned around to confront him. She told him 'like what you see'? She ended up in his room and he said he got 'some' from behind for $20 and how good she was. He said she had a fantastic ass.

That evening back at my room I couldn't get this out of my mind. I was so horny. I was married and really wasn't interested in 'getting it from behind' or from the front or at all. I just wanted the feel of a woman and to be gotten off. I finally went out myself for 'some fresh air' and walked the motel looking. It was a big place three stories high. I ended up on the third floor leaning against a rail looking at the street. I looked to my left and saw a blonde in black shorts and a white tee shirt walking towards me. I followed her with my eyes concentrating on her lovely legs. Sure enough, she got passed me and stopped and turned around. She walked up and I got the same line. 'Like what you see'? Soon she was in my room. She told me about the $20 price and I told her I wasn't interested in that and just needed a feel of a woman and some 'hand action'. She said she can handle that and said 'how about $10.' I had only planned on spending $10 at the most so that was what I had in my front pocket. I handed it to her and she put it in her purse and then walked up to me putting an arm around my neck and a hand on my cock rubbing it in my pants.

She then stepped back and said 'well, lets get ready for some fun' and started taking off her clothes. I did the same. We were soon naked. She came up again stroking my cock and then putting me up against her soft belly as we got close to each other almost kissing. She then asked if I wanted to lay down for 'it' and I said yes. I suddenly thought of something and jumped up to get the hand lotion I had in the restroom area. I handed it to her and asked her to use it. She replied 'want to make my hand feel like pussy it looks like'. I just smiled back to her. I laid down and she went to stroking my cock while I explored her ass and legs with my hands. I was leaning over some with both hands absorbing the softness of her wonderful flesh. She felt so good to me and it wasn't long that I laid back feeling the sensations building up in me. I went to shaking some and cooing as I do at these times and then went to jetting my cum all over my front side covering my stomach. It felt so good! A week of stored cum just waiting to get out. As I was laying there she went to wash up and I got up and walked up behind her and placed my hands on her naked ass and squeezed it while looking at her in the mirror and told her 'thanks. That felt so good' She answered back 'glad you enjoyed it'. She got dressed and gave me a kiss on my cheek and said 'anytime' and left. On that Wednesday or Thursday night I got a repeat performance. I just had to. She felt so damn good. This also gave me plenty of time to recover so when I returned home I'd be good and horny and ready for some good love making with my wife. I also didn't have to worry about bringing something home with me as I would have had to if I'd gone the pussy route. I just LOVE those wonderful hand jobs!



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