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Two Weeks (4)

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My last submission was about the remote control butt plug that Emma was using while we were shopping for bikinis. Well this takes a week after that. During the weekdays Emma was at school and I was at work.


I woke up Saturday morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. I quickly threw the covers off my naked body and ran my ass down stairs.

Emma: Hey where are you and your jiggly tits going?

Me: I smelt breakfast and I came down as fast as I could.

Emma: Well I hope you enjoy it. I put some warm honey on your toast I hope you like it.

Me: mmmm honey!

As I ate my breakfast some warm honey dribbled onto my boobies. Emma reaches over and with one finger she scoops up the honey and passes my my nipple which made me shiver. My nipples get hard and pronounced.

Me: So what do you have planned today?

Emma: I might have something... What do you have planned?

Me: Nothing. I was hoping you had something planned so I could tag along.

Emma: Well I do have a surprise for you! When you're done come meet me in your room.

As I finished and put my dishes away I walked into my room to see Emma sitting there with a devious smile.

Me: So... What's the surprise?

Emma: Close your eyes...

I close my eyes I hear her get up and walk behind me. I feel her presence. The irradiating warmth from her body, The minty smell from her breath on the back of my neck, her breasts lightly touching my back I felt the cold sensations of her nipple piercings. This sent goosebumps all over. She pulls something over my eyes. She whispers in my ear.

Emma: Okay open your eyes.

I open my eyes with anticipation... All I see is complete darkness.

Me: Um... what is this.

Emma: It's a blindfold. Just wait.

She takes my hand and leads me to my bed. She takes my left wrist and puts it above and out from my head and I hear a *clink*. She takes my other hand and does the same.

Me: What are you doing?

Emma: Right now your arms are handcuffed to the bed posts!

Me: What! Why?

Emma: Do you remember when you tricked me into using a butt plug with a remote? That you didn't even tell me about!?

Me:... yeah...

Emma: Well this is my payback! I'm going to tease you until you cry for release!

She takes my legs and ties one on each bed post. I'm now in a star shaped position. Hands above me and apart, My legs apart exposing my pussy. I hear her walking around the bed when she stops to my left. I feel her warm palm on my left breast. She starts pulling and rubbing my breast. She then takes her finger and starts tracing circles around my nipple until it becomes rock hard. She stops and walks over to my right. She bends down and starts sucking on my nipple, licking, flicking and lightly biting my nipple.

Me: mmmmmm...

She stops. I didn't want her to stop but I didn't let her know. I hear her walk out the room and in minutes she returns. Walks over and places an ice cube between my tits. This sent shivers down to my nipples to my pussy and sent goosebumps everywhere. She slowly traces the ice cube around my nipples until they turned numb. She starts flicking, pinching and pulling on them. Mixing pleasure and pain into one combination I have never felt before.

Me: Oh... ow! mmmmm.

She takes the cube and guides it down to my pussy. She rubs it around my outer pussy lips and on top of my clit hood.

Me: Ohhhhhh... SHIT!

She inserts the cube into my cunt and in seconds the cube melts and starts dribbling out of my pussy. She gets close to me. Her lips lightly touching mine.

Emma: Aw... you like that don't you?

She gets on the bed...

Emma: I'm going to tease you so bad!

Me: Oh yeah! how are you going to do that?

She straddles my left thigh while her knee is nearly inches away from my pussy. Just from her straddling my thigh with her thick bush started tickling my thigh which made me giggle and wetter.

Me: Oh no! no,no,no,no that's not fair!

Emma: Aw what's not fair?

She starts sliding her bush covered pussy up and down my thigh. Slow at first and she kept at this speed for what felt like forever! My breathing got faster and deeper. I tried to put my pussy on her knee but she kept pushing me down. She got faster and faster with her breathing.

Emma: Mmmmmm... uhhh! I'm going to cum all over your thigh!

As she goes faster and faster I start humping the air trying to get any sort of physical contact on my pussy.

Emma: Uhhhh! OH! I'm going to cum.

She cums and squirts all over my thigh. I can feel her warm cum trickle down my thigh yet I could not get my self off! She gets off my thigh and lightly touches my cunt. I shake with anticipation and try to hump her hand but she pulled away. She gets off the bed and walks over to my right and I hear the sounds of her fingers entering her wet pussy.

Emma: Open your mouth.

I open my mouth and she puts some cum soaked fingers in my mouth. I instantly start sucking them clean when she pulls her fingers out and walks out of the room.

Me: Oh fuck... I'm so horny! and I can't do anything about it. That bitch!

She comes back into the room and stops. It's dead silent when I hear the lovely buzz of a vibrator. She gets on my bed in front of my pussy.

Emma: Well looks like someone's a little creamy.

She reaches over with he hand and starts scooping up my cum and all I hear is the vibrator and her licking her fingers clean.

Emma: mmmmmm you taste good!

The sound of the vibrator gets closer to my pussy I start thrusting my hips trying to find it. When she presses on my tummy to stop me from doing that. She starts rubbing the vibrator around my outer lips then slightly enters my pussy. My juices start flowing like a river. She gets the vibrator all nice and wet with my cum when she pulls it out and slides it all over my tits.

Me: D-Damn it...

Emma: Aw what was that?

I smiled and said nothing, but my mind was racing with how horny I was. I was no longer thinking with my head but with my pussy. She turns the vibrator off and lightly inserts it into my ass. She walks out of the room. As of now I'm a little teary eyed because I'm so horny. She walks back in...

Emma: I hope you don't mind but I bought something with your debit card!

Barely able to speak

Me: What is it?

Emma: It's called a magic wand!

She plugs it in and turns it on. I hear a deep buzzzzzzzz. She walks over places it on my tits.

Me: Holy shit... it's... strong!

She sits down in front of my pussy, spreads her legs and moves her pussy closer to mine. She starts using the vibrator on her self but she's so close I can fell the vibrations through the air! I hear her breathing faster and faster.

Emma: You ready for this!?

She starts screaming and moaning loudly then her pussy explodes. I feel her juices shot onto my pussy getting me even more hornier. I'm now dripping wet with her cum and my own. She gets up and crawls over my body. My tits are meet by hers and once again her lips are lightly touching mine.

Emma: Are you ready for this!?

Me: mmmmmmmmm... yeah, oh fuck yeah!

She puts the vibrator on my clit. I start humping it like there's no tomorrow.

Me:yes,yes,yes,yes, oh fuck yeah!

I feel the pressure of my orgasm start to build. My pussy starts cumming then I have the most intense orgasm ever! I even started squirting cum all over Emma! She removes the blindfold. I look at her and see my cum all over her thigh and stomach. I pass out! I woke up nude on the covers and looked at the clock. 5 p.m. I walked downstairs supporting myself with both hands on the rail, my knees are still weak. I see Emma naked on the couch reading a book. She looks up and smiles. My hair in a mess with foggy eyes

Me: You bitch... That was not fair!... It felt sooooooooo good though and my pussy is so sore!

Emma: I'm glade you enjoyed your pleasuring torture. You also squirted for the first time. After you passed out your pussy kept contracting for a while.

Me: How long was I out?

Emma: About five hours.

Me: Wow... just wow!

I laid down and placed my head on her lap while she lightly stroked my hair and read aloud to me. We sat there for a while before we went out to eat.

More will cum!



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