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Two Weeks (3)

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I woke up this morning and looked to my left to see Emma half covered by the silk blanket. Her beautiful breasts ever so slowly moving up and down with every breath she takes in. I get up and decided to treat her to breakfast in bed. I go into the kitchen still nude (I'm always naked in my house there's no need for clothes!) and grab an apron and started making eggs, bacon, and toast. When I hear the pitter patter of feet from behind then a *slap* on my tush. I turn around to see Emma still nude as well.

Emma: Hey! what are you doing?

Me: I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed!

Emma: That's thoughtful but I awoke to the the smell of bacon!

Me: Well since you're up can you do me favor? Can you get the newspaper.

Emma: Sure!

She steps outside and comes back as fast as she could.

Emma: Holy shit it's cold.

I look around my shoulder to see her standing there with goosebumps and erect nipples and all!

Me: Come here I'll make you warm.

She comes over and I slap her ass.

Emma: OW! why did you do that!?

Me: Go get dressed, come back and eat we have a big day today.

Emma: You could have just said that you didn't have to slap me!

She leaves and I got the food ready and started eating. She comes back out in a spaghetti strap black tank top with no bra I could see her erect nipples still. Also wearing light black skinny jeans.

Me: Wow you look great!

Emma: Thanks. So are you going nude!?

Me: I wish but alas I can not.

As she starts eating I put my dishes away and as I walk back she slaps my pussy!

Me: Hey!

Emma: Payback!

I go into my room and decided what to wear. A floral crop top with no bra and black ripped jeans.

Emma: Damn! you look good. So where're we going?

Me: To the sex shop!

As we arrive at the store we enter and are greeted by Brenda, the manager who was wearing a tight outfit.

Brenda: Hey Stacy how have you been!?

Me: Great! how about you?

Brenda: I'm doing good. So who do we have here? By the looks of her bright red face this is her first time in a sex store?

Me: This is my cousin Emma and you would be correct this is her first time in a sex store.

Brenda: Well Emma. Don't be shy or embarrassed by wanting to increase your pleasure. Why don't you look around and if you have any questions just ask.

As we started to walk down the aisles she stops and turns to me.

Emma: How do you know her?

Me: Who Brenda? I'm what you call a regular customer. She runs the place and she's the one that told me about a suction cupped dildo that I normally use. Look around and I will be over their talking with Brenda. Okay?

Emma: Yeah... okay.

Me: Take your time and don't worry about the price this whole day is on me.

After 20 minutes of catching up with Brenda, Emma comes walking up with a big smile and her hands behind her back.

Me: So by you're expression I see you've found something.

She comes up to the counter and puts down a box of anal beads.

Brenda: Ahh... So you like anal? Well what you got there will do the trick. Would you like some lubrication?

Me: No she's constantly wet it's no problem.

Brenda: Ha, ha, ha. Well you both have fun and don't get into too much trouble.

As we walk back to the car Emma is grinning from ear to ear. We get in the car.

Emma: I'm so horny and wet right now!

She unbuttons her jeans and sticks her hand down her light blue panties and pulls out her hand.

Emma: Look!

She separates her fingers and cum is laced between her fingers!

Me: Wait I have an idea!

I get out of the car and go back in the store. In a matter of seconds I get back in the car. Emma Still sitting there in her unbuttoned jeans and a hand down her panties.

Emma: What do you have in the bag?

I pull out a vibrating butt plug. I look at her and gave her a devious smirk.

Me: I dare you to turn this vibrator on at any speed you want, put this in your ass and keep it in there for our next stop and see how many orgasms you can have.

Emma: At any speed?

Me: Yup!

Emma: Okay.

She takes it and drops her jeans and panties to her ankles the turns around on her knees. Do remember that we're in a car with no tinted windows out in public. She takes the plug and inserts it in her pussy.

Emma: mmmmmm... oh!

She takes it out and a strand of cum is connected from her to the plug. I reach over and put my hand to break the strand and get her pussy juices on my hand and lick it clean! She turns the butt plug on low and inserts it in ever so slowly.

Emma: Ahhh... yes! the vibrations is like nothing else I've used.

She puts her panties and jeans back on and buckles up.

Emma: So... wh-where to next?

What she doesn't know is that the butt plug I got her has a remote that can increase the vibrations! on our way to our next shopping spree she kept squirming and a little squealing. We arrived at a sexy lingerie/ bikini store.

Me: I figured we could get some sexy swimwear. There's a beach not to far from here. Unfortunately its not a nude beach.

We enter the store and we were greeted by the cashier who told us to look around and ask if we needed any help. As were looking I look over to see where Emma was. I peek around the corner and see her knees are together, her head down with her arms up trying to support herself. I look around walk up and start rubbing her cunt through her jeans. In a hushed tone

Emma: O-ohhhh... oh god I'm going to cum.

As she starts cumming she shakes and her knees buckle. From behind I put my arms under hers and grab her tits to support her. I found a chair and sat her down.

Me: I'm going to be right back with some bikinis for the both of us.

I come back with a basket of bikinis. I take her hand and lead her to the dressing rooms. I went first and we both decided that I'll go with a micro black bikini that barely covers my vagina and nipples. Her turn! She go's in and closes the curtains. I hear her breathing a little heavier and deeper. She's ready for another orgasm. I take out the remote and start turning it up.

Emma: OH!!! holy shit!

She silently squeals and exhales deeply. The cashier walks by and stops...

Cashier: Is everything okay? (with a raised eyebrow)

With a big smile!

Me: Yes yes she's just really enjoying her shopping experience!

The cashier walks away and I hear Emma moaning quietly as she lightly stomps her feet. She comes out in a pretty red bikini with a bright red face to match! She looks at me.

Emma: What the hell! do you have a remote!

Me: No... why?

Emma: The vibrator just got really intense!

I look up and down her body and notice the inside of her thighs are wet.

Me: I don't like what you got on, try this.

She goes back in and I turn the vibrations up again. She starts squealing and moaning when I hear the distinct squishing sounds of her pussy. Then I hear

Emma: mmmmmmm... oh!

I hear the running of water but not water... Cum! She squirts all over the wall. I look under the curtain and see a huge puddle of pussy juices! She pops her head out.

Emma: STOP! I can't take it no more!

She takes out the butt plug and hands it to me. I put it in my purse and smile. In a whispered tone

Me: Hey... there was a remote, I was controlling the vibration speed!

Emma: You BITCH!!!

We decided that the best one for her was a cute red clear string bikini. We took our bikinis to the front and checked out.

Cashier: Both of you come back any time!

As we walked out I looked back and she winked at me. We got back into the car and started to drive home Emma takes her crotch soaked jeans and panties off and reclines the car chair a little and places her hand on her pussy.

Me: So how was it?

Emma: My ass is sore and I'm going to get you back... It was fun as hell! First time I've masturbated in public, have you ever done that?

Me: No.

Emma: Well we need to get home I need to take a bath and go to sleep. I got to go to class tomorrow.

We arrive home and Emma doesn't even bother putting her panties on let alone her jeans. We entered and she heads straight for the bathroom. I rip my clothes off and headed into my room and grabbed my suction cup dildo. I placed it on the wall and started to rub my fingers on my clit. Rubbing ever so slowly I started creaming from today's events. An hour goes by of me just teasing myself by pinching my nipples and lightly touching my clit. Emma enters the room with a towel around her hair and nothing else. She stands there in the door way with her glistening nude body and smiles.

Emma: I'll watch you finish up!

From the sight of her lovely big tits I insert the wall mounted dildo and wasted no time. My ass kept bumping the the wall as the dildo penetrated my cunt. I came in no time. I got off grabbed the dildo and started eating the cum off the dildo. There was some left on the wall and Emma came over scooped it up in her hand and licked her hand clean. She helped me up and into bed. We started to spoon when she reached in between my cheeks and inserted a wet finger into my ass hole. This made me gasp as she started to finger me faster and faster until I had another orgasm. She held me tight while I shook in pure pleasure. We fell asleep spooning once again.

More will cum!



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