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Two Watch Me Cum

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Completely true, and amazingly fun!


Before getting married, I enjoyed a lot of sexual experimentation, facilitated mostly by a couple of swinging websites that I was a member of. In six or so years, I must've been in 20 threesomes, sucked a dozen men while their wives watched, had about an equal number of pussies on my face while the husband or boyfriend licked my balls, etc. One experience however, was different from the rest, and that was the night a guy on one of the sites told me that he and his girlfriend wanted to watch another guy cum. That's all, just watch a guy cum.

Now, I love being watched while I masturbate, I just love it. I have a nice, rigid, cut 8" cock that I keep smoothly shaved. I love the look in a woman's (or guy's!) eyes while they watch me fist my cock. Sometimes I'll slide a finger in my ass for an extra bit of surprise. Sometimes I'll push a vibrator in and work my prostate, I don't even need to touch my cock to cum this way!

Anyway, I left work and walked to where the couple lived. I went up to their flat, we chatted for a while, I had a beer, and then I took a shower. I came back into the living room where they were sitting, fully clothed, on their sofa. I removed my towel and sat down in a big armchair opposite them. The girl looked Indonesian, the guy European. Here I was, completely naked with a growing cock, in front of two total strangers. They had thoughtfully laid out a vibrator and a tube of lube, both of which I would definitely be needing.

I started by slowly rolling my balls, and stretching my cock out. They stared in silence. When my cock hardened to its full 8", I took some lube and worked it up and down my shaft, paying close attention to the head of my cock. Every so often, I spread my piss/cum hole open to show them the shiny pinkness inside.

I wanted this show to last. They both squirmed on the couch, he was getting hard and she was getting wet, but still they didn't touch me and continued to watch. I was slowly going to a different world, moaning, groaning, and working my cock. The guy then asked me if I wouldn't mind using the vibrator and I readily agreed. Lubing up the middle finger on my left hand, I slowly slide my finger up my ass. I hadn't eaten that day and I'd already checked in the shower to make sure I was clean inside, so there was no mess. I slid my finger in and out while continuing to fist my cock with my right hand.

My asshole sufficiently prepared, I spread some lube around the tip and shaft of the vibrator and switched it on to a low setting. Placing the tip at my ass, I slowly rotated it, working it in bit by bit. By this time, my cock was a nice shade of bright pink and more than a little precum had formed at the tip. The couple stared at the vibrator moving around in my ass. Because the contractions from my cock would've pushed it out, I had to hold it in with my left hand.

With the vibrator on my prostate and my shiny, lubed-up cock in my right hand, it wasn't going to be long before I came and I let them know I was close.

"Please try to hold it", the guy said. He and his girl were squirming around a lot more now, both obviously getting hotter and wetter while watching my horny display. I moaned softly to let him know I'd try and I took my hand off my cock, concentrating now on working the vibrator in and out of my ass. I got off the chair and onto the floor on all fours, my ass in the air towards them. Looking back at them, I fucked myself in the ass with the vibrator while my turgid cock twitched and dripped precum. I locked eyes with them for a moment and could see that they were really enjoying what they were seeing.

"I'm going to need to shoot it soon", I gasped as my cock continued to twitch from the pressure being applied to my prostate.

"Not yet, we want to see a huge load. We want you to cum on your own face."

"No problem", I assured them. That was something I loved to do and with the load that I knew was coming, I knew that no only would I be cumming on my face, I'd be cumming in my mouth.

I eased the vibrator out of my ass and switched it off, getting back on the chair, a leg over each arm, and concentrating on my cock. A little more lube and then I went at it with both hands on my shaft, the head poking out of my right fist. I love double-handing my cock like this as it feels like a nice, tight pussy and I gasped that I was very close to cumming.

"That's fine, just remember though, on your face."

"That really won't be a problem", I stammered out, still working my beautiful cock, but realising that I wasn't going to last much longer.

The inevitable tingle and tightening of my balls happened and I felt the cum rising through my groin. I looked straight at the couple and said "Watch this, I'm cumming." I pinched my shaft for a second or two, and aimed my cock straight at my face, opening my mouth to catch as much of the load as I could. I groaned loudly as I released my cock and felt the cum just absolutely jet out towards my face.

The first shot hit my just above the eye but I adjusted my mouth so that the second and third landed squarely on my tongue. The rest of the bursts hit my chin, followed by my chest, followed by my stomach. The cum that I hadn't swallowed covered my face and torso. The couple looked at me in amazement.

"We've never seen a guy swallow his own cum before. That was incredible. Thank you."

"No, thank you", I replied. "I love doing this."

I sat there collecting myself while he went off to get a towel.

"My pussy is so wet", the Indonesian girl said, sliding a finger into her pants. "Here, taste it", she said, offering me a finger. She was indeed very wet and that little taste of pussy juice was really all I needed in terms of reward.



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