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Two Teen Guys Get after It

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The Story of My friend and I when we were 14 and I had my first masturbation experience with another guy!


When I was 14, I had taken a liking to masturbation like any other guy. To be honest, I had become a bit addicted to porn at the time and I nearly almost masturbated each night back then, and I still do now. I was just a regular 14 year old guy. I was tall, thin, awkward. I was 5'10', 140 lbs, and I carried a nice package of 8' at the time. (9' now). I was quite proud of my large penis. Some say its a fairy tale size, but I'm 100% telling the truth. I never really flaunted it all to anyone, besides to my friend, and this is where our story begins.

My friend, David, was just a good eighth grade friend of mine. We were both in carpool together, we both knew we both liked to masturbate... a lot. Previously, a couple of my friends and I had a masturbation session in our sleeping bags during a sleepover. I had taken a special interest in David after seeing him getting after it. He didn't have a sleeping bag. And he had a pile of pillows around his waist area, so he could hide his wonderful cock, while he went after it. But I could still see him jacking his beautifully shaped 5 1/2' cock from the couch behind him. I would go into further detail, but this experience I had with David was much more entertaining.

David and I had decided to have a sleepover over the summer before freshman year of high school. I would describe the atmosphere more, but I want to get to the hot steamy masturbation session.

I was frank with David, I was horny, and I wanted to masturbate, badly. We had stripped down to only our boxers and we were just watching regular television. I was so hard knowing what would happen later that night, I couldn't delay it any longer. I told David I would have to start our sweet, sweet masturbation session.

He agreed, he was getting hard too. We pulled out our smart phones. Luckily I had known a couple of good mobile porn sites with some hot videos. We decided to watch a couple of these videos before we got after our hard, pubescent penises. I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled out my rock hard 8' cock and laid it up against my chiseled 6 pack abs, which made the situation even better. David too had a 6 pack, and he pulled out his 5 1/2' cock and laid it along his less developed six pack. He was much hairier than I was, mostly due to his darker hair color. But I didn't care. We laid side-by-side on the floor, all covers and clothing off. And now we laid next to each other, wearing no clothes, rock-hard dicks out, and our fists going after the hard peckers below our waist.

David had previously been uncomfortable jacking in front of another guy, but I told him that jacking off was a regular process for any guy, and we were both guys, we both had dicks, so why hide them. He hesitated at first. But then he smiled and pulled out his hot, hard cock. God, I almost came.

I would occasionally give him a nice rub on the head of his dick with my feet, he didn't feel comfortable returning the favor. I wasn't too pleased that he didn't, but I was too horny to care.

After about 5 minutes of jacking off, David started making a weird noise as he moved his hand up and down his penis. He told me he had lubed up his dick with his spit and his precum. I nearly came, again. God, seeing and being with another guy while he was masturbating was so hot. I wasn't gay, but I often fantasize guys in my grade masturbating like David did with me.

I couldn't take it any longer, neither could David. We both blew our gigantic loads all over our abs after jacking off in front of each other. That experience with David is still engrained in my mind. I can still see his hand move up and down his gorgeous cock. I haven't masturbated like this with another guy for the rest of my life, but I long for another hot masturbation session with another hot guy in my future.



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