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Two Teachers' Masturbation Fun

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2 Teachers Masturbation Fun
Hello. My name is Carrie Pardoe. I am skinny with dirty blond hair, a nice body and 32 B breast. I am a teacher and I have a masturbation experience I would like to tell you about.
The first time I have ever masturbated was when I was 16. I was coming home from school one day and got home. I thought the house was empty yet for some reason I was really quiet. I then heard moaning coming from my moms room. I peeked inside and saw her with her fingers in her pussy and that's how I learned. I only masturbated 2 times while I was 16 because me mom caught me the second time and I never did it since. But that is not my real story.
As I said I am a teacher and am also a coach for girls swimming and water polo. My fellow teacher Susan, is also a teacher at m school and girls water polo and swimming coach too. Well last year our swimmers got new swim suits. Susan and I wanted to look at them so we took some suits and went to her house that night. While at her house I ate dinner with her and then we began looking at the new suits. The suits were dark black and gold one piece swim suits. Well because I am young a do look like I could pass for a student Susan told me to try on a suit to see how they look so I went to the bathroom to change. While in the bathroom I thought I saw an eye peeking under the door but I ignored it and went to show Susan the suit.
When Susan saw me she smiled and said I looked great. I thanked her and modeled it for her. Susan then looked at the bottom of my suit and saw that some of my pubic hair was sticking out. I noticed it too, blushed at tried to fix it but before I could Susan was bent down fixing it for me. She then looked up at me smile and took her right hand with three finger drawn and inserted it into my pussy threw the side of the bathing suit.
My eyes shoot open and I exhaled loudly. Susan was still smiling and kept fingering me. I suddenly felt really good and began to close my eyes and moan. Susan suddenly began to slide the bathing suit off and walk me to her bed as she kept fingering my pussy. She then laid me down on the bed. I was completely naked and my nipples were hard and bursting up. Susan looked down at my pussy and smiled again. She then bent down toward me and kissed my lips.
It felt so smooth and soft that I began kissing back and before I knew it we were making out french kissing with tongue. All the while she was still fingering my pussy. Now I am a slender 23 year old girl and Susan is a average size woman with long brown hair, huge 40 C breast, a huge ass, and she is also a married 40 something year old women.
Now after making out a bit just before I climaxed Susan took her finger out of my pussy and began taking her clothes off. When she was naked I looked at her huge 40 C tits with awe. I began rubbing them feeling the hard nipples on my palms while she was doing the same to me. Suddenly I got really brave and shoved four fingers into Susan's vagina. She moaned softly and smiled.
Her vagina was very hairy but huge allowing me to put my whole but very small hand all the way in her vagina. Suddenly Susan began getting up. I called her to stay but she left to the bathroom. I waited on her bed naked caressing the top of my pussy cheeks.
She then came back with a banana, a coca-cola, and a large metal bar. Susan first took the coca-cola a fit it completely into her vagina. I was amazed and laughed. She then took the banana and put it in my pussy. It was cold and hard and felt real good. She then took that out and put the metal bard in. She then place the other side of the bar in her pussy and began pushing it all the way into both of our vaginas until both of our pussy were rubbing together. It was almost like sex, it was so amazing. She the took the bar out and I began masturbating her while she did the same to me. I kept telling her to go deeper while she began to orgasm, moaning loudly yelling oh god yes. when we both climax I gushed white juices from my vagina. I cummed. She looked at it and smiled.
We then both got up and got dressed. I looked at the bathing suit I was wearing which now had a white mark near the crotch. I smiled and went home.
The next day at school we met again in the bathroom and she masturbated me again. From then on every Wednesday we meet for masturbating. Now every time I see that bathing suit being worn by one of the swimmers me and Susan smile at each other.
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