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Two Older Women

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Hi, I'm Renee and I'm forty five and my best friend Vicky is fifty. I wasn't going to write this story but over the past year I have read so many stories from young women and teens who talk about their experiences with other young women that I decided to share with you readers the thought that older women also thoroughly enjoy sexual experiences with other women. I have been divorced for the past three years and I am terribly horny every day and I torture myself by thinking about sexually related things which serves to further stimulate my body and my mind. For no particular reason I have never had a sexual experience with a woman/girl nor have I ever masturbated. I've been married a long time.

Recently Vicky and I were going to go shopping on a Saturday at the mall. Vicky first stopped at my apartment to have coffee with me before we left. I had had a date the night before and it turned out to be a waste of time. Actually since my divorce I've had about ten dates but none of them ever amounted to anything and no sex took place. As horny as I am I don't sleep around. I shared my date experience with Vicky and I couldn't help but for the first time unburden my sexual frustrations to Vicky.

She very delicately asked me if I had considered masturbation and I told her it just wasn't my thing. To illustrate my frame of mind, I actually felt my nipples getting hard just from talking about this to Vicky. After a few minutes of silence Vicky then stood up and walked around behind my chair. I had on a sleeveless blouse and she proceeded to gently run her nails up and down my arms. I asked her what she was doing and she told me to be quiet and to just relax. It really felt nice and I did relax. I also noticed that each time she went up or down my arm she also brushed against the side of my tits with her thumbs. She did it continuously so I knew she was doing it deliberately.

I was becoming further aroused just by her brushing the side of my tits. My mind told me to tell Vicky to stop now. Here I was allowing my girlfriend to sexually stimulate me. I told myself that any second now I would tell her to stop but I didn't. I was breathing slightly harder and I could actually feel my heart beating. She was pressing harder against each one and she then gave one a light squeeze. God did it feel good. Vicky asked me if she should stop. This was my chance to end this. I said, 'please don't.' Vicky then told me to take off my blouse and I said no. Not that I didn't want her to touch me, I knew I would be really embarrassed when she saw my tiny little nipples. My breasts are a nice size and are quite firm but my areola and nipple are the size of a man's rather than a woman's. Actually my areola is slightly smaller around than a dime. I was ready to jump out of my skin in frustration.

Vicky asked me what was wrong and I told her I didn't want her to see my tiny little tits. She said, 'who cares how little they are, I want to touch them now.' that's all I needed to hear. I said, 'let's go to my room.' In the bedroom I closed the blinds so it was rather dark. I just turned on my bedside lamp. It looked sexy to me. Before removing my top we started to kiss. Soon we were kissing with our tongues in each others mouths. I hadn't done that in years. Vicky smelt so good I couldn't get enough of her mouth. Finally, I removed my top and bra and just sat there watching Vicky's facial expression. She immediately said, 'their absolutely lovely.'

She took one tit in each hand and began to fondle them. Then she held a nipple in between her fingers and started to play with it. The physical sensation that was now building up around my puss was incredible. I had never before felt this aroused in such a short period of time. Vicky then took one nipple in her mouth and sucked on it while squeezing the other one. She then removed her blouse and just said, 'suck.' I did. Her nipple felt hard as a stick in my mouth and it was and felt big, especially compared to mine. Oh well. We then removed all of our clothes and I saw that Vicky was completely shaved. Her inner pussy lips were exposed and were outside of her pussy. That looked different and for some reason I immediately thought of putting it into my mouth. Later on I found a website that featured women who have large hanging labia. Forty five years old and this is the first time I saw such a thing.

Vicky began kissing me all over and every once in a while she would pull on my pussy hair. It hurt a bit but it was a good hurt if you know what I mean. I was now really wet there and I actually thought I felt something running down the inside of my thigh. I had never gotten really wet before this. Vicky then lifted up my legs and I opened them as wide as I could. She started to rub my clit and she whispered to me that I was swollen. I could hear squishy noises as she rubbed. With her other hand she inserted two fingers into my pussy and said to me, ' I'm going to fuck your cunt now until you beg me to stop.' I started to buck my hips and at the same time I was pulling on my nipples till they hurt. The squishy noises were even louder now. Finally the physical sensations reached an explosive point and I achieved the best orgasm I ever had in my life. I just laid there panting while Vicky kept gently squeezing my clit.

After a minute or two I pleasured Vicky in the same way that she did me. I also pulled on her dangling labia. They reminded me of bat wings. Afterwards we showered together and then went to the mall. That night for the first time I masturbated myself while thinking about what had happened with Vicky and I earlier that day. I continue to experience sex with Vicky nearly once a week and never tire of her. Each experience feels like a brand new experience.

I'm not trying to tell you women out there what to do in your lives but I can suggest that if you ever have a chance to experience a sexual encounter with a female friend give it some thought. I like men and always will but this is different and in some ways better, at least it was for me.




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