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Two Old Friends Getting Each Other Off

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Reading this website helps me feel better to know that we two are not the only persons preferring mutual masturbation over penetrative intercourse.


I've been masturbating for 44 years. I am 57, and began when I was 13, when I got my first menstrual period.

Back then I didn't realise that what I was doing was masturbating. I felt a very pleasant sensation in my nipples, and I began to caress them, then rub and twist them. It felt very good, then suddenly my whole body shook, and afterwards I fell into a very deep sleep.

As I got older I longed for a date with a boy. I would go into my bedroom and fondle myself between my legs. The urge to do this was especially strong during the onset of my periods. No one ever asked me out on a date, but I would fantasize about certain boys and I would lay back in my bed, part my legs, and stroke my clitoris with my finger. I'd get very aroused and usually have an orgasm.

I didn't actually realise what masturbation, an orgasm, or a clitoris was until I entered university. Sometime during the fall semester I learned all these things, and met a boy who showed some interest in me. One Friday he invited me to come to his room in residence on a Sunday afternoon. My period began early Sunday morning, and he had no trouble convincing me of his need to de-flower me that afternoon.

I went home to Sunday dinner with the family and somehow I was just absolutely sure that my mother KNEW what I had been doing three hours previous!

I had a succession of lovers but didn't find intercourse all that exciting and continued to masturbate. Many of my lovers were somewhat inconsiderate and frequently I would relieve myself in their bathroom after sex by furiously frigging my clit. When I was in my late twenties I experienced a contraception failure, and the boy and I married. I continued to masturbate as he was usually an inept lover. Often when he would roll off me and fall asleep I would lie there and I would think 'Is this all there is?'

I left him when I was 54 and a year later I met the most wonderful man who suffers from erectile dysfunction. He can get a rather large erection, six and a half inches long and over seven inches round (yes, I did measure him) but it does not stay hard enough for intercourse. This is no matter to me however as he is a master of hand work which pleases me no end. Now that I'm older and know a bit more about masturbation I have learned new ways of pleasuring myself and I have taught him.

I enjoy grasping his thick manhood and jerking him off, sometimes quickly, other times edging him for the better part of an hour. His orgasms are still copious although he says he cannot shoot as far as he could in former years. For me, simple fingering is good for a quickie. Other times I enjoy a slow buildup as he teases my legs, bottom, and pubic area for awhile. Sometimes reading erotic stories to me really helps out. Then he circles my vulva with a gradually increasing pressured touch. I start to have slight spasms. Then I BEG him to assault my clitoris and he brings me off in a matter of a few short minutes.

Often this leaves me wanting more. A bit more touching and my body begins to shake; I can't take it anymore, the spasms grow greater. I moan, I close my eyes, I scream in ecstasy. If he does me a third time the feeling is even more satisfying. It's a great feeling. Reading this website helps me feel better to know that we two are not the only persons preferring mutual masturbation over penetrative intercourse.



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