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Two of a Kind

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My twin brother and I are very close but we never really talk about sexual things. We know the other one masturbates but we never discuss it.
One night one of our mutual friends invited me over his house he had wanted Kyle,my twin, but Kyle was not home. So I went instead. When I got over Drew's house he must have forgotten who he had invited over because he kept calling me Kyle. I played along to see when he could finally figure it out. He then asked me if I wanted to play the game we had played before. I agree and he said he would get ready in the other room while I got ready in here.
After about five minutes Drew asked if I was ready. I had no idea how to get ready so I said sure. Drew then comes in stark naked with a tub of Vaesline, a deck of cards and a DVD. First of all, Drew is about 6'1' with a tan all over. I had never seen him naked and I saw his 7', uncut cock hanging around. I was totally stunned. He then told me to get ready and undress. I did and he said he'd deal the cards and put on the DVD.
I undressed and he set up the game. The DVD turned out to be an gay orgy. I was repulsed at first but then I became highly aroused. My 5'9' body with its 6' erect cock was a disappointment next to Drew's 7' flaccid one. Drew asked if I remembered the rules and I played dumb so he 'refreshed' my memory. It turns out my brother had played a version of strip poker althouth there were a few twists since we were already naked.
DIfferent hands were worth different acts. For a pair you got a kiss on the ass. Two pair a 5 min. jack off and so on until a royal flush was sex slave. The purpose of the DVD was to keep your erection for as long as possible. The second twist to the game was once you could nnot ejaculate anymore you lost and also became a sex slave.
We started to play and we were about even with the jack offs, kisses, massages, and what not. But eventually I couldn't ejaculate anymore so I became Drew's slave. He started out with licking and the sort but he then built up to ass fucking. I libed up my cock reluctantly and started over to him. He told me to shove it in so I complied. As I entered his ass he said it felt as good as it had last time. I had forgotten in the ecstacy that he thought I was Kyle. As he got closer to orgasm he started to moan Kyle, Kyle and then he tensed up and shot his cum all over everything.
I then decided it was time to tell him it was me and not Kyle. He was shocked at first but he then got a wild look in his eyes. He went to the phone and called someone. I asked him who he had called and he said it would be a surprise. We waited for the special guest by watching the porno. After about ten minutes the door rang and in came my brother. He was as surprised as I was to see me naked.
Drew then explained what had happened and suggested we play again with all three of us. Kyle and I were resistant at first but Drew coaxed us into it. So for the rest of the day we had a saort of reinactment of the porno we watched while playing the game.



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