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Two Men in My Life

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I enjoy Solo Touch very much, but my computer is broken so I had to wait to use my brother-in-law's machine. I have two men in my life now. I left my husband three years ago, got my own place, and finally have a considerate lover ... er, that is, two of them!!


I have not passed through menopause yet, so I must practice safe sex. Both my lovers are married, but have not had vasectomies.(Sometimes I want to fuck my sister's husband as he is very attractive, very nice to me, and 'neutered'!!)

Will and I met on a nude beach in the Carribean whilst we were both vacationing with our spouses. We saw each other naked for two long vacations before we eventually met on our first date, belly to belly, in a motel back home. He keeps very trim, while I have gained quite a few pounds since we first met. Now he comes to town infrequently on business. I see him so seldom that I like to relax before we undress. Sometimes I feel like a hooker when I am with him, he wants me gone by 10 so that he gets a good night's sleep. I always cum several times. He shaves his entire body, and wants me to shave or get a Brazilian wax, but I don't want to start up with this since I seldom see him.

In contrast, John is very generous. He takes me to lunch or dinner, in places of my choosing. He refuses to take advantage of me and he is a wonderful conversationalist and thinks the same of me. After our meal we then go back to my home.

John constantly compliments my ageing body! I am heavy, yet he adores my large breasts, the padded curves of my hips, and my rounded belly. He has a moustache, beard, and a long ponytail; he has thick hair on his back, luxurious chest hair, and trims his pubic hair slightly but does not shave. The line of hair from his navel downward toward his cock really turns me on; I have never been with a man who had so much hair.

I finally asked him into my bed on our fifth visit. I was so very horny everytime I was with him. That first time I had not had sex in five months and despite his unfamiliar touch he brought me to a clitoral orgasm only after half an hour of massage. I begged him to stay with me, I wanted more of his touch, but he had to leave. I lay in bed after he was gone and brought myself off three more times.

On our next tryst he brought me off twice by massaging my clit. Then I showed him how to reach my G-spot, and as we clung tightly together I came all over him. That afternoon he learned that I am a squirter; he had never experienced that with a woman before. He left me while I slept deeply after that occasion.

On our third date I finally asked him what I could do for him. I had never touched a man much before, they all just seemed to be happy enough to 'put it in' and cum in me. He became very embarrassed, then finally asked if I would 'jack' him. I had him lay on his side facing me, while I fingered myself and stroked his shaft. He shortly began to gasp, then to whimper. That sound, a man whimpering before his orgasm, really turns me on. I ejaculated all over him and seconds later he blew thick ropes of warm cum onto my belly.

We were together another time; we don't have intercourse, but I asked him to kneel beside me and jack off. I lay there watching his hairy ball sack jiggle around as he stroked himself very vigorously. Finally he began to moan and then whimper and with that he blew his cum across my chest. I touched the tip of his cock as he milked himself, I caught a dribble on my finger. I spread his cum across my breasts and massaged it into my nipples; he sensed this aroused me and he gave me the most-wonderful rubbing of my clit that I have ever felt. I squirted, soaking his hand and arm!!

About a year later I was with John one day and knowing full well that Will would be with me two days after. John had asked me several times if he could trim me using his moustache trimmer. I finally allowed him, and I found the experience very erotic as he clippered me, then cleaned away the trimmings. He had wanted to carve his initials but I declined his offer, so instead John gave me a landing strip.

Will was astounded two days later as he removed my panties. For the very first time he asked if he could jerk himself off. I let him do this twice that evening, but left disappointed as he was very much into himself that night and did not bring me off at all.

You perhaps think me a slut, but truth be told, both these men fill certain voids in my life, and I cannot do without either of them.



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