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Two Guys, Third Time

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Hope you all enjoyed the way this developed. It was great for me. If you want to know the rest, please comment.


This is a third follow-up story to 'Two Guys - One Bet.'(As you have probably read, Bret lost a bet that he and I had. It was about our first male to male experience together. Bret had paid up on two of five the installments, and now owed me three more handjobs.)
It was about three weeks after the bet, and Bret and I had jerked and gotten each other off twice. I always knew I could have just laid back and let Bret take care of me, (since that was the bet,) but I had always wanted to masturbate another guy off too. With Bret, he was so hot and good looking, it was anything but a chore to reciprocate.
We had gone on a double date with our respective girlfriends one night. We went to the movies and got into some heavy petting, but not much further (so we were both really horny.) We had double dated and the girls didn't want to pursue anything more that night. After the movie we dropped the girls off, and Bret and I went back to my place. (We had all taken one car.) It was getting to be around 1:00 in the morning. I asked Bret if he wanted to spend the night here instead of driving back to his place. He said that if it would not be any trouble, that would be great. Bret just asked if he could take a shower since the movie theatre was hot and he hated to go to bed sweaty. I laid out some towels and soap in the bathroom, and said to 'have at it.' I fixed the couch up for him to sleep in while he was in the shower. Bret went in first, and when he was done, I also took a shower and afterwards we were both only draped in towels. We went to the living room to watch a little TV, still only in our towels. (We had gotten to know each other so well, it was almost like we were friends AND roommates.) I had gotten us something to drink and two small bowls of peanuts, which were on the living room table.
Bret reached for the bowl of peanuts, and spilled them on the floor. When he got up to clean them up, I had a perfect view of his towel covered ass.(He was facing away from me.) Jokingly, I quietly stood up and used my towel, which was still a little damp from the shower, and gave (snapped) Bret with a 'rat - tail.'Bret stood straight up and walked over to me and put me in a headlock. We both fell to the floor and began to wrestle in a friendly way. Bret's towel fell away from his beautiful tight ass and strong legs. (I was already nude since I use my towel to snap Brat in the butt.)
We were both hard before we hit the floor. We rolled over and over on each other and took turns getting on top of each other on the floor. Bret drove his hard cock into my thigh, as he fondled my chest as I grabbed at his tight ass. I drove my hardon into his belly as I lay on top of him. Bret reached between us and grabbed my cock. We both had a good amount of pre-cum. I rolled off him, and he continued to hold my cock in his hand, gently stroking it, but only about an inch up and down. He looked me in the eyes and simply asked 'yeah????' I responded simply 'Yeah!!!!!). At that point Bret began to give me a hand job with purpose and finesse I had not expected. Being hard for so long before made it even better. I was just about to shoot my load, when I figured that since I had won the bet, I was entitled to be the one to get off last and relax.
I pulled Bret's hand from my cock and took hold of his cock. (I didn't want to cum yet.) Bret rolled on his back again, and let me start to jerk him off. I rubbed the inside of his thigh when I did, and Bret writhed on the floor with a tremendous anticipation of getting off in my hand as I continued to jerk him to what I knew was going to be an orgasm. I knew he was getting close as his cock started to jerk and swell in my hand, and his balls pulled tight up into his ass. Bret started to leak a lot of pre-cum from his dick. He didn't have to tell me this time, and in about 15 seconds of a slow, strong grip, he started to shoot several shots of white, slick, hot cum in my hand and all over his tummy. I slowed my pace down as he started to unload his hot cum. Bret groaned, and spasmed several times, trying to push his hardon into my tight grip.
A few minutes after he shot his load, his cock slowly went soft as I massaged his cum into his cock and balls. I rolled over on my back and said 'Yeah......' and Bret said 'YEAH.....'Bret then took hold of my cock, and as I lay on my back started to bring me again to orgasm. His hand felt so good, and he knew exactly how to stroke and how fast to go. I had been so close to shooting before, If I had to guess this only took two or max three minutes until I couldn't hold back any longer. I was spurting my load into Bret's hand before I even knew I was cumming. It was GREAT!!
Bret and I cleaned up with the towels that were once around our waists. We decided that for him to sleep on the couch and me in the bed was pretty useless. We both went to my bedroom, and got under the covers together. The sleeping together after having made each other feel so good was peaceful and serene.
The fourth part of the bet happened the following morning.



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