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Two Guys, Fourth Time

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Fourth from an ongoing story started in September. I lived it and it was great. Please comment if you enjoyed !

Two Guys - One Bet
Two Guys - Second Time
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This is a fourth follow-up story to 'Two Guys - One Bet.' (As you have probably read, Bret lost a bet and he and I had. It was about our first male to male experiences. Bret had paid up on three of five the installments, and now owed me two more handjobs.)
Bret and I had gotten hot and heavy about three weeks after the original bet. This happened the morning after his pay up of one of the hand job installments. (See Two Guys - One Bet Stories)
Bret and I had gotten each other off last night. We knew we might as well sleep together, which we did. After going to bed all nice and relaxed from giving each other orgasms, we simply slept through to the next morning in my bed. About 9:30 or so, I had woken up and found Bret still asleep. I rolled over on my back, thought of the night before, and immediately got another hardon. I started slowly stroking mine, but then thought Bret might be interested in joining me. (At this point, we had been physically intimate enough so although we didn't talk about it, we both knew we still wanted each other as guys for the pure sex of it all.) I should mention we both still considered ourselves straight, and were still with our respective girlfriends.
That night, we had both slept naked, and since we were in the same bed, it was little trouble for me to reach over Bret's slim waist and around to his front. Before that, though, I stroked his ass once or twice. When I reached over, my hand came to rest on Bret's stomach. I slowly moved my way down to his soft cock, furry but trimmed bush, and began to play with his cock and balls. I was pleasantly surprised by a stiffening cock in my hand. Bret started to shift, just enough to give me really easy access to his crotch.
Bret rolled over on his back now and reached over to grab my raging hardon, stroking it in time with my stroking of his. Bret started to moan, and in a minute said 'Wow.....THIS is the way to wake up in the morning.....I am so horny I really need to get off.....how about you?' I responded simply by saying 'You have my cock in your hand, dude, what do you think?'
As we began to jerk each other off again, I reached over to my bedside table. I pulled out a bottle of lube and dropped some over Bret's cock, and then some over his hand, which was still over my cock. We both agreed that dry jerking was good, but it was much nicer and smoother with some lube. I rolled over on top of Bret and began pumping my cock into his crotch. I had my hand in between us, and took turns stroking our hard cocks between us. The feeling, especially now that we were both lubed up, was incredible.
After a couple of minutes of that, and me getting pretty close to cumming, Bret got on top of me. He put a little more lube on our crotches, and then he began to pump his cock into my crotch. By now I knew his reactions well enough that I knew he was about to shoot.
All of a sudden Bret rolled off me and onto his side. He pulled at my waist so I would get on my side, too, facing him. I have no good idea of how, but he reached between us with his right hand, and grabbed both of our cocks at the same time. He then proceeded to begin to stroke us both at the same time. The feeling of our hard cocks against each other, and him jerking us both at the same time was electric. In less than a minute, Bret did something I never expected. He reached over and kissed my left chest. He simply said 'Dude, I hope you have extra sheets, cause I'm gonna FILL these with cum. Shoot with me.' I didn't need much more than that. I had been so close already, but now Bret was stroking our cocks together, but faster. All of a sudden I felt Bret tense up in his entire body, and his hot, steamy load shoot onto my cock, stomach, and between us. Now THAT was all I needed. As he continued to stroke, I began to shoot three or four ropes of cum between us, just as he had done. Once I was satisfied, I took his hand, and stopped his stroking. The mess we had made was huge. (Both Bret and I shoot pretty large loads, apparently.) I took my hand and rubbed some of our mutual cum on his cock and balls, and then some on mine.
After lying there for a couple of minutes, and some talk about what we were going to do for the day, we both got out of bed. We cleaned up with a couple of towels we left by the side of the bed, and then headed to the shower. We both agreed that experience was simply nothing less than awesome.
Bret was right.......there were huge wet spots and loads on the sheets. While he showered, I stripped the bed and headed to the laundry. The minor trouble of doing the sheets was MORE than worth the experience.
The fifth part of the bet is still to come.



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