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Two Guys Curiosity

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This all happened when I was 14.

I was at my friends house, I'll call her Sarah. I got a call from Sarah, saying that Dan and Mike were over and that I should come over. She lived down the road a few houses, and I decided to go.

Me and Sarah were both 14, and Dan and Mike were 15, two grades older. (We were in 8th, they were in 10th). Her parents were not home and we were playing truth or dare. Well, Sarah dared me, to show everyone my dick. I hesitated, because I have never shown any other guy my dick, and no one else besides her, because she's seen me naked before. Eventually, Dan and Mike also took off their pants and boxers, which made me take off my clothes.

I quickly picked up my shorts because I knew I was getting a hard-on. They too sat down and we played 20 Questions, and all the questions went to me. I played along. Now, onto me and Mike's experiences. I left her house that day, exchanged phone numbers to Mike and Dan. I soon later got a text from Mike saying where do you live, it's so hot outside, can I come over? I said sure, but my parents had friends over so I was not allowed to have a friend in the house.

I brought Mike around the back of the house, which is enclosed by gates, and sooner or later he started asking me, "when are you going to show me your dick"? Since that has already happened, I had no problem, I went against the gate and house, were no one would see and I took off my pants. He stared at me for a little, and said OK. ME, playing along I said your turn! And he showed me his dick, already hard now too. We did this for a while until he came over and started stroking my dick. I started doing the same, and we were slowly doing this, and then my mom yelled over that we were leaving, and Mike had to go. Surprisingly, Mike kissed me.

I am not gay and I was not expecting that. He left, and I so did I. The next day, I got another text from Mike, saying let's go meet up, so we went to Dan's house. His parents worked in the city, and they are never home. We surprised Dan, and found him jacking-off to some porn. So Dan decided to bring me and show me the turtles that Dan had. Quickly, he took off my pants and began to give me a blowjob. I returned the favor, and heard Dan call us, so we left. Dan and Mike got into an argument about 3 blocks away, and Dan told us to go to his house, he'll be there in twenty minutes.
Mike and I rode bikes to his house and sat down talking about girls and stuff, normal stuff. He brought me into the shed and took off my clothes, and took off his own clothes and asked me to finish the favor, I knelt down, and he pushed my head, into his crotch, and I was choking on his huge dick. He then gave me a blowjob. My dick, at the time was smaller than his because I was younger. I was about five inches. He was about 7"5 inches. We then left because Dan's aunt, was outside.
I went over to his house, and he was in the shower.. he came out naked and kissed me, took my hand and brought me upstairs. He then told me to take off some clothes. He asked for me to give him a blowjob, I refused and gave him a hand job. Once he said "I'm almost there" I started to suck his dick, and he came all in my mouth, I had a mouthful of cum. I then kissed him, and he took some of his own come and swallowed it, and I swallowed the rest. He returned the favor too. Ever since that experience, we never did that again. I have never jacked-off with another guy, but I have jacked-off in front of another guy. It's been a few years now, and I would love to do that again with him to see who's dick is now bigger. That's one thing I will never forget.

Thanks for reading. It may have been a little boring, but it was much much more intense for me.



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