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Two Guys and Their Nipples

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Do you other guys like nipple love?


My best friend Tommy and I were doing some remodelling in his house one afternoon. His wife was gone that day. We talk a lot about sex and fucking when we're together. Getting really confidential, at one point I mentioned that I had recently discovered that I really like playing with my nipples when I masturbate.

'Are you bullshitting me?' he asked, 'Does it really feel great to you?'

'It sure does,' I admitted, 'I just wish I could suck 'em while I beat off.'

Tommy kind of nodded and said. 'Yeah, that would be real good, I guess.' He got a kind of strange look on his face and went back to the remodelling.

After a while we took a break and he got us a couple of beers from the fridge. He got that strange look on his face again and kept looking at me.

'What's up?'

'I dunno,' he said, 'I just keep thinking about the picture in my mind of you playing with your nipples. It's crazy.'

I was kind of shocked I guess, but after a minute I sort of described to him how I did it. He got real quiet but I could tell he liked me talking about it. Mostly just to please him I finally suggested that maybe I could jerk off sometime and he could watch me, if it really was something he wanted to see.

'Wow, are you serious?' he said. 'Let's do it, man! Right now! I want to!'

We both had bulges in our jeans by now and in a few seconds I had unzipped and was playing with my cock right there in the middle of the empty room we were remodelling. Tommy watched my every move. I pulled off my T-shirt and surprise, my nipples were already a little hard. Tommy was looking real intensely at my chest. His own cock was out of his jeans by now and he'd been jerking on it.

'Look,' I whispered, showing him what I was doing. I began squeezing and pinching my nipples, showing him how I liked to do it. All the time Tommy couldn't take his eyes off of them, even though he was jerking and fondling his cock. He kept getting closer and closer as I stood there masturbating and playing with my nips. Later he told me he just couldn't stand it any more and so he said, 'You want 'em sucked? Let ME suck 'em!'

I just nodded. I could hardly speak for being so excited.

All of a sudden my best male friend was leaning into me and kissing my boy-tits and licking the tips of my nipples. He was making love to my tits! I couldn't quite believe it, but I didn't want it to stop. Then Tommy started sucking each of them, and doing wonderful little mouth-things to my nipples, like biting them and tonguing them. It felt so wonderful!

'God,' I groaned, 'this feels better than I could have imagined!'

Tommy just nodded and kept sucking and licking my little nipples until they were very hard and very sensitive. I loved it, even though it was some kind of perverted, gay thing guys don't do.

I told him I was going to jack him off while he did it. He nodded again and went 'Ummm hmmm!' as he sucked on my chest. It felt great!

Well to make a long story short, I grabbed his penis and masturbated him better than anyone else including his wife ever had, with him sucking on my nipples and reaching down and jerking me off too. Soon I felt my cock get real stimulated and a long string of cum shot out. In a few minutes we both were shooting cum onto each other's jeans as we stood there.

Then I just kind of slumped to the floor and pulled him down with me. I motioned that he should take off his T-shirt. Then we were kind of hugging and making out and before long I was sucking his nipples too. He nearly screamed in pleasure.

We managed to undo our tool belts while we were fondling each other and then I laid next to him sort of in a modified '69' position so that we could suck and bite each other's nipples at the same time. I curled around so he could grab my dick and I could reach his and smear his precum all over it. We both were very hard again almost immediately and began masturbating each other for what seemed like the longest time; but the main event was sucking and mouthing each other's nipples until it drove us both wild and we orgasmed together. It must have taken us half an hour to finally clean up all the cum we squirted all over the bare floor and each other.

My nipples ended up raw and sore, but terrifically 'loved', if you know what I mean. So were Tommy's. Since then, we've progressed to some other things I can't describe here, but it always starts with Tommy pleasuring my nipples. It's a great feeling.

Happy jacking, guys and gals. Don't forget about your nipples!



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