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Two Girls One Guy

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Thanks to everybody for opening up, we all learn from these stories. And thanks to Solo Touch for teaching the world to masturbate left handed!


I was out of college and hanging out for summer before I went into the military. That day I was babysitting my nephew at my sister's house when my girlfriend Lisa and her friend Donna walked in. After saying hi Lisa checked on my nephew, he was asleep. Then they both grabbed an arm and led me straight into the bedroom.

Lisa started to pull my t shirt over my head. 'What's this about?' I asked. 'Be quiet and enjoy.' she said, 'This is for you.' Donna took the shirt and tied it as a blindfold on me and pushed me down on the water bed. They both worked on pulling off my shoes, unbuckling my pants and pulling them off.

Of course my cock was hard by the time it was free. I asked the girls if they were going to take anything off, they both said no. Donna ran her hands over my chest and my abs then leaned down and kissed me. Lisa felt me the same way and then kissed me too. My first thought was that I liked Lisa's kiss better, somehow it connected. Donna dribbled some baby oil from the night stand on my cock and wrapped her hand around me. I was in heaven.

By now both girls were kneeling on either side of me. I put a hand up to cup both their crotches and rubbed their pussy's through their jeans. Not everything I wanted but good enough and they did not seem to mind.

Lisa took over stroking my cock, I heard Donna whisper 'He's big!' Now that was music to me. Again, I liked Lisa's touch better, there was something more alive in it. I said, 'both of you do it'. Donna grabbed my shaft below Lisa's hand and they both stroked together.

It didn't take long and I gasped 'I'm coming!' The orgasm crashed over me, things greyed out and the world was far away. Cum jetted out up to my shoulder. I was grunting like an animal, almost folding in half with each spasm and shooting five or six more spurts. The girls were great, they knew enough to keep pumping until I was done. It was by far the most intense orgasm I had ever had, I was covered from my neck to my navel.

I wanted to just lie there but the girls said to get dressed. Donna got paper towels from the kitchen to clean me up and put them in the trash. I had just put my shoes on when my sister and her husband walked in the door, back about two hours early! I realized if the girls had got naked and we had really fooled around we would have been caught. As it was they ribbed us about all being together on the water bed but I said we were just checking it out (water beds were still uncommon then).

Lisa later told me the whole thing had been Donna's idea, she had sprung it as they walked up to the house to see me. Lisa said it was sexy for her but a little weird to be so turned on with another girl there. She said Donna was horny for not having a boy friend at the time.

I knew that what Donna was really doing was paying me back for an incident from a few weeks before...

Lisa and I had slept over at Donna's apartment after a Clash concert, all in the same bed (king size), with me in the middle (Donna's instructions). I was horny and hard all night but it was clear that Lisa was too shy to start anything and I was too naive to know how to make the right moves.

Later in the night with Lisa snoring I had gently let the back of my hand touch the side of Donna's leg, she did not react so I slid it up the outside of her thigh, pulling her nightgown up with it, As I moved up to her hip I could feel that she had no panties on. I slowly slid my fingers across the front of her hip and she opened her legs slightly. The pussy scent was intoxicating.

My hand went into her soft pubic hair and Donna rolled her hips up, a wanton signal to please touch her now. I traced down to her pussy lips, so wet, and slipped a finger inside, then two. Back up to her clit with the wetness I rubbed a finger tip up each side of her button, then down to her hole again. I kept up that rhythm; pussy hole to clit and back, slow and firm, and soon she silently shook and stiffened.

Donna reached into my shorts and felt my hard penis, she seemed to be checking it's dimensions, the length and girth, then she pulled her hand out. I was leaking precum in a continuous stream. 'Please do me.' I whispered, but Donna whispered back 'No, I don't want to get the bed messy and Lisa would be mad.' I was left frustrated and pissed at her and she knew it.

That's why she set up the ambush, to let me know she appreciated what I had done for her.

I had a big crush on Donna, still do, but I married Lisa and I love her to this day. Lisa's kiss and her touch on my cock are like none other to me, and that encounter on the water bed proved it.



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