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Two Girls Are Better Than One

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This is quite long (I got really into it!) but describes exactly my amazing experience.


In the summer of the year I turned fifteen, I had one of the most erotic experiences of my life. It took place at the local Lido (the outdoor swimming pool) a couple of weeks after my birthday in July. But back to the beginning. It was at my birthday party that I had met this new girl, Laura, we were introduced and I got a very nice birthday kiss. She was really cute, petite with long straight hair and big brown eyes. I didn't have a girlfriend at the time and at the end of the evening I was really starting to get very horny every time I looked at her. We ended the night making out for about half an hour and before she left she gave me her mobile number, I gave her mine, and she said we should meet up again sometime.

That was it for a week, until in my rather dumb adolescent way I realised that it was down to me to call. So I did. We arranged to meet for an ice cream and a movie (I wasn't very imaginative at 15!) and I sensibly bought back row tickets. The cinema was pretty quiet, particularly at the rear. Again we made out throughout the film and this time I was a little braver, stroking her leg inside her skirt and then getting my first feel of her panties as she leant back with her bare feet on the headrest of the chair in front. I accepted her silent invitation and slipped my fingers past the wet gusset of her panties. I felt my cock throbbing and bulging as I slid into her warm wet slit, it was so good it hurt.

I explored for a while inside and out until she moaned and I knew I'd found her clit. I masturbated her as we kissed and she gently humped up and down in her seat. She took about five minutes to come and it was one of those silent shuddery orgasms that girls have when they don't want to make any noise. I so wanted her to wank me off but she said it would be too messy and anyway she wasn't ready yet. Later when I got home I finished myself off thinking about her pussy and fit legs.

Over the next week we saw each other a couple of times but never had the chance to go much beyond kissing, so when she invited me out for a swim I was well up for it. I arrived at the pool and Laura was with one of her mates, she was quite small and fit with sandy hair and nice legs too which really turns me on. We splashed around in the pool for a bit, me diving and doing a few lengths and the girls basically chatting and giggling in the shallow end.

After a while we got out and found a quiet spot on the grass behind some bushes. We were all dripping wet still and the two girls were laying on their backs, I was laying in between them on my front. I could still smell the chlorine from the pool, it reminded me a bit of the smell of cum, this and the two girls really turned me on. We chatted for a bit and I kissed Laura and stroked her belly a bit. After a while her mate was getting a bit upset at the lack of attention and I kissed her in a jokey way to let her know I wasn't ignoring her. She seemed to like it and commended my kissing to Laura. Anyway pretty soon I was having a kissing competition with the two of them, we were doing it in a light-hearted way but we were obviously all enjoying it.

I was still stroking Laura's stomach and I decided to take a risk and touch the other girls front. She squirmed and obviously liked it and pretty soon I was getting some serious tongue action from both girls. By this point I had forgotten we were in a public park but thankfully we were on our own and I don't think they would have thought we were playing with each other anyway! Laura was wearing swimming bottoms and I slipped my fingers under the hip straps to see if she was really horny. She parted her legs slightly and I pushed the bottoms to the side and started rubbing her pussy. My heart was really thumping now as I kissed Laura's friend and started fiddling with her swimming bottoms too. There was no negative signals so I slipped inside and fingered her slit.

After a bit I went back to Laura with the kissing and now I had my fingers in both girls pussies. My cock was pushing painfully against my trunks and I wanted to smell the pussy juice on my fingers but the last thing I was going to do was release one of my hands to free it. I soon had my thumbs on both girls clits and I was fingering them inside too as they squirmed around. By this point I was wet myself with a raging, oozing hard-on and the smell of wet girl and the sight of their legs and pussies was driving me nuts. I was sitting up on my knees because I wanted a good look at the action and both girls were spreading their legs for me which was incredibly hot.

I knew they were getting close when I felt their pussies tightening up and they started sighing and trying to hump my fingers. Laura's friend came first and her toes curled right up as she orgasmed. The sight of that drove me over the edge and I leant down towards Laura and kissed her deeply as I brought her to orgasm. As she came she sucked on my tongue and moaned from deep within her throat and I was in pure heaven. All I needed was for one of them to finish me off, but I would have to wait and after both girls were done they just rolled over and went back to chatting. After a bit we went to get ice creams and it was the best ice cream I'd ever had as I could still smell their pussy juice on my fingers.

I did finally get my hand job later on at home when Laura stayed after dinner, but masturbating those two beautiful girls is definitely the best experience I ever had, and every time I'm at a pool and I smell that chlorine smell it brings it all back.



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