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Two Encounters in One Weekend

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I have been reading this site for the longest time and always fantasized about something like this happening to me but it never did. Well this time I thought I'd make it happen.

Although I'm happily married, I've always been curious about masturbating with another man. I was set to go on a business trip to New York and my wife would meet me there the next day so we could spend the weekend and see the sights. I had scheduled an appointment with a masseur through an online directory for male-male masseurs because I wanted to experience the touch of another man.

I got to the appointment and the masseur looked just like on the photos on his site: tall, built, very good looking. He took me to the massage room and told me to undress and lie face down as he would be back to start the session. I was freaking out.

I took all my clothes off and laid down. A couple of minutes later the guy walked in totally naked and started to work on my back. Now, the guy was a licensed therapist and you could tell. The massage was as therapeutic as it was sensual. The difference from a 'normal' massage (other than the fact that we're both naked) is that he gently grazed his genitals on my body while he worked around me. He would even let his genitals land on my palms so I could fondle him. It was thrilling and nerve-racking all at once.

After he was done with my back and legs, he began massaging my butt-cheeks. When he did that his fingers would slightly caress my crack and nutsack as he massaged. That sent shivers through my entire body. And at that moment he got up on the table, his knees at either side of me and massaged my back with upper strokes with his chest!!! When he did that, as he reached the top of my back with his chest I could feel his penis touch my butt and fall in between my legs. This sent me over the top. He repeated that 'diving' motion a couple of times and I decided to get daring. I began to caress his muscular thighs and moved my hands up his legs until I got to his butt cheeks and caressed those as well. I could feel every hair on his body and it was electrifying.

After he got down from the table he asked me to roll over onto my back. I was dying to do so so I could get a better view of him and also to release the pressure that the table was forcing over my now very stiff cock.

Once on my back and my cock in the air, he started massaging my thighs and occasionally touch my balls and lightly stroke my penis. The massage on the front was clearly not very therapeutic, it was more sensual and meant to stimulate me as I watched him flex his muscles as he massaged my body. Every so often he would stare at my eyes and would smile. Then he was ready to 'end' the massage by helping me 'release' all my pent-up pressure.

He took a lot of lube in his hands and started gently stroking my cock with one hand while caressing my body with the other. At this point he places my hand on his stomach and moves himself closer to my face. I start caressing him all over and start stroking his cock while he's doing me. At some point he takes my hand and guides it from his cock to his ass and he takes over his own cock as he's stroking mine. He moves closer to my face so I literally have his cock right above me as he jerks off. I grab his balls and play with his butt for a little until I felt the urge to cum. I guess he realized it because I started moving my hips, and he moved down to concentrate on my throbbing cock. I came in huge spurts (as if I hadn't come in weeks) while I heard him saying things like Oh yeah, that's hot, etc. It was hot! I couldn't believe it.

He then wiped all the cum from by body with a towel and went outside to run a hot shower for me. After I showered and dressed I talked to him (he was still naked) for a little bit and then left.

That night my wife flew in. The next morning when I woke I was still very hot and my wife didn't want sex. So I went to the hotel gym to work up a sweat and blow off some steam. After my workout I went to the locker room and stripped to go to the steam room. I go in and it's empty. So, I take my towel off and lay face down on the bench. As I'm lying there I hear the door open and somebody walk in. Now the room is very steamy and you can hardly see anything so I stayed there as I didn't think the other person would mind me being naked.

After a while the steam started to clear and visibility was much better so I decided to sit up and cover up. When I did I realized that the other person who was there was a guy sort of my age with a nice runners build. We said the polite hello and some small talk having to do with working out, the heat in the steam room, blah, blah, blah. We never really introduced ourselves.

I did notice that he was constantly glancing over to see if he could take a peek at my privates. That got me thinking of some of the stories I'd read on Solo Touch and how all these sauna-type encounters happened. So I decided I'd try and see if anything would come out of this. So I started adjusting my position on the bench, letting him occasionally see my dick as I moved the towel. I realized that he started to move his hands in between his legs and it appeared as if he was slowly stroking himself, but I wasn't sure. I started gently stroking mine, careful to not be too obvious in case that wasn't his intention. I guess he caught on and started to more aggressively stroke his and so did I.

We were sitting quite apart, maybe five to seven feet apart, and we both kind of opened up our towels and exposed our hardening cocks as we stroked ourselves.

I'm flipping over this thinking how could it be possible that this would be my second encounter in just two days. I looked at him and he was looking at himself and then over intensely at my cock as I stroked. He would only glance up quickly at my face every so often. It was getting hot and at that moment someone came into the steam room. We quickly covered up. The person didn't notice as he hit the steam so it was hard to see.

I saw that my friend got up and walked out and about 30 seconds later so did I. When I walked outside, I bumped into my friend as he was going into the sauna which was empty. I followed him in. He had shut off the lights inside the sauna so it was harder to look in through the glass door in case anybody came. We sat across from each other and picked up where we left off.

This time we were a littke closer (three to four feet) and we were stroking ourselves. I shifted my body so I was directly facing him as I stroked and I guess he took that as an invitation to come in. He got up and he came over to stroke me. That was unreal! He started stroking me while he stroked himself. I completely lost track of time and where I was at that point. And, I was sitting right in front of the glass door where we could be seen, it was awesome!

All of a sudden I felt the cum working up inside of me and told him I was going to cum. He sat back while he stroked himself and I finished myself off. He was still stroking and I felt that I owed him the favor so I sat next to him and told him that I'd give him a handjob. That's what I did. Using my own cum in my hands I stroked his cock. It felt amazing and very different to holding his cock in my hands. His was slimmer than mine but with a bulbous head and his has kind of a curve to the left while mine is straight. It felt incredible to hold a man in such a way and have him render himself vulnerable in my hands. He closed his eyes and laid back as I worked him until he came in gushes over his stomach and my hand.

I got up, fearing someone would come by and introduced myself to him and so did he. I left.

The next day I ran into him on the hotel elevator and I was with my wife. The look in his eyes was one of shock. I hoped I would run into him again on the rest of my days at the hotel but I never did. I've jerked off to this encounter many times since I've been back.



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