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Two-cycle Engine Joy

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My first posting here on the site, hope you enjoy it!


When I was a younger man I used to cut a lot of grass around the neighborhood for some extra spending money. I regularly cut the grass of both neighbors houses as well as our own. On occasion I'd cut grass up the street or at the end of the block if folks were going out of town and needed just a one-time cutting.

My sister used to take piano lessons from a lady that lived two blocks away when we were young, so when she moved, but had still not sold her house, she was looking for someone to cut her grass until it sold. She contacted my parents and I was 'sub-contracted' to take care of this service for her. She left an old Murray push mower in her garage and told me where to find the key so I could let myself in the door, raise the garage door and use the mower to cut the grass.

The mower was an older five horse power push mower with a manual choke and no kill switch, you had to use your boot to push the throttle cable against the spark plug and kill the engine. The original push handle mounting brackets had broken off and were re-welded so that the handle was exactly crotch height if you walked all the way into it. The bracket was also not a secure mount like the original so an excess amount of vibration made it's way up through the handle. I did not know that at first as I pushed the mower like normal but did notice I almost had to squat down to get any leverage on the mower and make it go forward instead of the rear end just lifting and shooting grass all over me.

The yard had not been cut for a few weeks and most of the grass was well up to my knees so I was really working my ass off on this particular job. As my arms got more and more tired trying to push the mower through the jungle, I bumped into the handle a few times when it got bogged down in the grass, and noticed immediately a feeling like an electric shock go through my groin. I was already semi-hard from the heat and exertion that had my blood flowing, so this really shocked me in a good way. As I continued to slave away at the grass I started letting the handle make contact intentionally as it felt pretty good. I knew then that I was going to have to jack off, but wanted to finish the yard as a sort of reward for myself. I also like to tease myself and really build up a lot of cum before I let it loose, it's always so much more satisfying that way.

After a couple of hours sweating it out in the heat and vibrating my cock occasionally keeping it in a constant state of straining hardness I was ready to take care of business. It felt strange thinking of this in a stranger's house that I used to visit when I was a small child. I wanted to go inside the house for some privacy and try to find something to inspire me or at least a kinky location, but the door into the house from the garage was locked. I really liked the way that mower handle felt against me and wanted to just hold it there to completion but also didn't want to asphyxiate myself in the garage humping a push mower. The main garage door faced the road so if I left it open I'd risk getting caught by anyone driving by or coming to look at the house for sale. I decided to leave the walk through door open, which was on the backside of the garage for fresh air and close the main garage door.

With the main garage door closed, I positioned the push mower so that I was facing the garage door and could see out of the windows and see if anyone drove up in the driveway. I had my back sort of against the open door so if someone in the backyard looked in they would not see what was going on. I fired the mower up and pushed my semi-hard cock against the handle and waves of pleasure swept through my body instantly and I got slightly dizzy. I stood there and let the blood rush into my cock as it strained to find release. I had to reach into my pants and re-position it so that I could feel the vibration along the length of my shaft, just below the head in the most sensitive part. I pushed back against it and my legs went weak. I could feel the orgasm building from deep in my balls and all the way to my prostate gland. I didn't want to have to walk home with sticky pants and really didn't want my mother to have to launder jizz filled shorts, so I decided to free it and let my cum fly.

I unzipped my pants and pushed them down slightly, so I could massage my balls while holding my shaft against the mower handle. I held my hand just under my cock and pushed it up against the handle just behind my head with my right hand, and held my balls with my left hand. This was all it took and I blew. I came so hard and with so much volume, it made a solid stream of semen from my cock to the lawn mower. I came three good jets of cum like that all over the mower, and then two or three smaller jets onto the top of the mower engine and the last bit dribbled all over the back of the mower deck and the garage floor. I was shaking all over and damn near fell down. I grounded out the mower so I wouldn't make the neighbors get too curious and tried to re-orientate myself. My cock was huge and throbbing and would not relax. I gently squeezed and milked it for a while in the hot garage enjoying the residual feelings and looking at the gallon of cum I just covered the mower with.

I looked around for a towel or something to wipe off the mower but there was nothing else in the garage so I just decided to leave it. I finally shoved my hard cock back into my pants so I could head home, but it stayed hard and extra tender the whole way. I went straight to my room, pulled out my secret magazine stash and went back to work the old fashioned way. I managed to cum again pretty quick because I was still so sensitive but it was not even half as much as I had left on that mower.

I ended up cutting the grass again the next week so I got to inspect the mower. It looked like it had been left in some strange rainstorm because the dust and pollen had been washed clean in certain streaks. I took some grass and wiped it down and you could never tell the difference after that. Needless to say I repeated the same procedure after the grass cutting, but the grass was so much lower it only took about 45 minutes to cut. This time I decided to coat the inside of the garage door just to leave a calling card for the future tenants. It was a great thrill but nowhere near as good as the first time there.



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