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Two College Guys

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My friend Steve and I, started a landscaping business to help with the expenses of college tuition, books etc. We would cut grass, rake and cut branches.

We are both Surfers and work out at the gym regulaly. We are not Gay, far from it.

Steve and I have an intense shoe/foot fetish for all women. We would always have J.O. sessions with women's shoes while looking at their pictures in the nudie magazines.

We were always looking for business, putting our fliers everwhere. One day, while seeking business door to door, I met this 50ish HOT brunette lady. She was in her night gown and asked what I wanted. I said, 'M'am, I am in college and have a landscaping business on the side.' 'I see that your yard needs some work'.

Well hello, I am Ms. Martin. My husband passed away a few years ago and I would certainly like you to take care of my yard.

Ms. Martin told me all the things she wanted done to include trimming trees, mowing and so on.

She told me what she would pay and I agreed. The next thing I did was go to the nearest pay phone and call my partner Steve. 'Steve, I said, You would not believe the job I just got for us!' It pays good and you would not believe the HOT lady who hired us! From what I can see by undressing her with my eyes, she has a great ass, nice boobs and legs to die for! Much unlike the immature college girls that we date!

That afternoon, I called Ms. Martin to go over the work that she wanted us to do the next morning. She was wearing a tight low cut skirt, sport jacket, black nylons and shiny black patent leather four inch heels!

She said, 'Boys I am off to my bridge club meeting'. 'The house is open, and there are soft drinks in the refrigerator, please help yourself.

Steve looked at me and I looked at him almost drooling. We tried our best to conceal our woodies.

Yes, we went about our work, cutting grass, trimiming the bushes and so on.

Dan, let's check out Ms. Martin's closet to see what sexy shoes she might have in there.

Oh it was a treasure to behold! There was such a collection of vintage black patent leather shoes, boots and hand bags. Steve grabbed one of her boots and I grabbed a pair of her vintage black patent leather four inch stilleto heels. No time to find lube, so we spit on our dickies for lube. Steve and I both began to masturbate furiously, grunting and groaning. We came shooting our cum several 'Feet' in the air, some of it landed on Ms. Martin's dresses.

Then we heard a door open, it was Ms. Martin. She said, 'That we were very bad boys'. She then grabbed us by our ears and took us out to her living room. Steve and I knew that we were in serious trouble. Then she sat down in her recliner and said, 'Do you boys want to suck my toes?'

'AAHH Yes m'am' Steve got her left foot and I got her right one. She said that it was so long that she had been with a man. She pulled up her skirt and told us that she was doing a three finger salute, shoving three fingers in and out of her hot wet clean shaven pussy. Steve and I were seriously jacking off on her shoes while sucking her toes.

'Now do you boys want to hump on my legs?' We got mounted on her legs, we put her shoes back on and began to hump furiously. She kicked at our balls with her shoes, that was a great turn on. It was not seconds before we both shot our loads of cum all over her nylon clad legs, foot arches and sexy shoes while screaming and groaning.

Ms. Martin said, 'you will always be my yard boys'



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