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Two 16 Year Olds Camping

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Summer was almost over. I dreaded the fact of having to go back to High School, especially since I had so much fun during these fun summer-vacation months.

Before High School resumed for, however, I got one last chance of freedom and went camping with my family at the Lewis and Clark recreational area.

I was sixteen years old at the time. I am a slim-figured, hazel-eyed, long brown haired, boy -who has always had a peculiar interest in the same sex (although I would never admit it.)

Among all the family gathered at the campground, my cousin, Tanner was whom I hung out with the most. Tanner was the same age as me, (only a month apart we were) and although he was my cousin, I found myself significantly attracted to him.

Tanner was shorter, had a more athletic build to him and had eyes as blue as the water that him and I swam in to pass time at the campgrounds.

My family planned to stay there for four days, so Tanner and I hung out a lot together. We played Frisbee, went swimming, and rode our bikes up and down the bike trails over and over again.

Of all these activities, I would have to say I enjoyed swimming the most. Not only was the water refreshing, but I got to see Tanner's sculpted body during the time that we swam.

The first evening was coming to an end. I still remember how hot it was outside. As the sun set, I figured it was time to take it easy for the evening 'Hey, I'm going to go take a shower, wanna walk with?' I asked Tanner. 'Sure.' He replied. I got secretly excited that I may catch another glimpse of Tanner's body that was greatly defined for his age.

Tanner and I began to shower. We were in the stalls adjacent to each other. As we were showering, all the sudden something hit me in the head. It was a shampoo bottle that Tanner jokingly chucked at me. We both laughed and I threw it right back at him.

After a while Tanner said, 'Hey I'm heading back I'll see you in a bit.' I heard the door shut behind him.

So there I was-the only person left in the bathroom. I was so turned on just by the thought of Tanner being naked next to me. As I looked at my soft cock, I saw that it was beginning to rise with every thought that I thought of Tanner.

I couldn't resist. I started stroking my cock. I leaned up against the shower wall and had the water spray all over my body as I began to stroke myself faster and faster. My body tensed up with every few strokes and I could feel that I was going to cum soon.

Finally I came. My jizz flew all the way to the opposite wall of the shower stall. As I ejaculated I fantasized about Tanner: his body, what his cock may look like, and those sky blue eyes.

In a hurry to get done, I finished up, showered myself off and got out of the shower stall.

'Hey!' a familiar voice shouted. It was Tanner. I immediately freaked out. I guess the joking around wasn't over. 'Hahahah I scared the crap out of you! Yeah, you got me!' I nervously replied.

The only thing running through my head was how Tanner must've heard me masturbating. So many thoughts ran through my head, such as: Did he hear me? How long was he there? Was he looking at me through the stall?

I just figured that I would play it cool and walk back with Tanner to the campground.

By the time we got back it was already 12:00 a.m. Tanner and I sat by the fire pit and made some smores, joked around a little more and then went in our tents.

We watched a movie on my portable DVD player and after that was done, Tanner and I decided that we were both not tired at all.

I was always so nervous around Tanner. Although he was the same age as me, I was always intimidated by him-afraid I would do something around him that would make him think I was a loser. Little did I think that that was soon, not to be the case.

'So what took you so long in the shower?' Tanner asked. 'Oh, haha' I nervously replied. 'I just like to take really long showers I guess.' My heart was racing. 'You were probably jacking off or something in there...' Tanner joked. 'Yeah, right!' I immediately responded.

I just couldn't think of anything else to say. There was a pause of awkward silence that drowned the inside of the small tent.

After the silence, we both just burst out laughing. I could not believe it. My cousin Tanner, whom I viewed as the epitome of hotness was joking with me about masturbation.

'Ohh like you have never done it before...' I nervously, yet sarcastically said.

'Hahaha yeah I know.' Tanner replied. 'I do it all the time; I'm not going to be afraid to admit it.'

I still could not believe it. Then Tanner said something that I still to this day can not believe.

'So... how big are you?' Silence filled the tent once again.

'Ehh, about six or seven I replied'

'Yeah, same here. Tanner said.'

I found it so insane that we were talking so in-depth about our cocks. Tanner and I were lying on our backs and in our boxers and I looked over at him and through his plaid shorts, I saw that he had a huge hard on.

I smirked to myself and said, 'Well I'm going to go masturbate, goodnight.' Of course I was being sarcastic. Tanner chuckled and said in the same manner, 'Oh yeah hahaha me too!'

That familiar awkward silence that was no stranger to the tent resurfaced one final time, until it broke with Tanner's words.

'I know you were masturbating in the shower...'

'Hahaha I know okay okay you're right.' I admitted.

'Well I was too actually...' He hesitated. 'I just got done before you did.'

We both just sat there and lay for a while. I was so nervous. This was all still so surreal to me. Finally to break the silence, I said, 'So ... I'm still kinda horny... haha' I laughed nervously.

'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?' Tanner stated.

'Wow are you serious? You mean you want to....'

'I don't care I'm cool with it as long as you don't tell anybody..'


Tanner and I slowly and nervously pulled down our boxers and started jacking ourselves. I looked over at his cock and from the glare of the DVD player screen, I saw it. He had a long, straight erect cock with a beautiful set of long testes. I could hardly take my eyes of his cock.

We started jerking faster and faster. Our breaths got louder and louder. Tanner and I found ourselves inching closer and closer to each other and before we knew it, we had each other s cock in our hands stroking as hard as we could.

Our pelvises thrusted up in the air. It felt sooo amazing and I could not believe that I was jerking his beautiful hard cock.

Shortly thereafter, we both came within seconds of each other. Huge ropes of cum shot across each of us and its warm feeling was felt on each of our chests (as well as our faces)

Tanner and I just sat there, breathing heavily for a while. We used a shirt to wipe off our bodies and the huge mess we made.

After that Tanner and I went to sleep. We never talked much about the hot experience we had for awhile, however, we did mess around one more time on that camping trip (which I will write about later.)



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