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Twins from Another Viewpoint

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Reading the submission 'Twins' on April 25 inspired me to write about another set of twins. I grew up with twin girls who lived next door to my family. They were a year younger than me. We played together as kids but when they were about 13 our play took a different direction. It was me who asked the twins one day if they had ever heard about masturbation. They had not but were eager to learn. I tried to explain how boys did it and how I thought girls did it. Nothing doing but I had to show them how I did it.

We were in their play house at the back of their home so I unzipped my pants and took my dick out. Their faces lit up. I began jacking my dick as they watched in amazement. I was at a point in my life that I had started shooting cum and they almost went wild when I shot my load. They had to feel it and taste it.

I encouraged them to try rubbing their pussies. They pulled their panties down and started fingering their own pussies. Neither of them came that day but both said it felt really good. I found out later that that night they fingered each other. I think it was a day to two later when they had their first orgasms.

The three of us got together every afternoon after school and always ended up masturbating. Within a few days I was masturbating both of them and they would take turns doing me. Sometimes I would masturbate as I watched them do each other. And I don't have to tell you what we spent our summer days doing.

Fast forward to when they were sixteen. Their mom and dad would not let one of them go on a date at first and insisted they double date. I would pick them up and we would tell their parents that we were picking up some other guy but instead the three of us would go out together. We would hit the drive-in movie and hardly ever saw a film. We were too busy playing with each other. After the movie we would park and have even more fun together that I cannot discuss here.

Somewhere along the way I fell in love with one of the twins and eventually the other twin started dating other boys. When they were 18 I married the one I was in love with. After the marriage service my wife and I left for our honeymoom. Her twin sister had told her parents they she was going to visit an older cousin. She and the cousin had it made up that the cousin would cover for her if her parents by chance called. She told her cousin that she was going to the beach with a male friend of hers. When my wife and I got to the hotel for our honeymoon, my wife's twin sister was waiting for us. The three of us enjoyed a wonderful week together.

We continued our three way masturbation and other antics over the next two years until my wife's twin met a man that she eventually married. They are both a young 50 now and we still have our threesomes. We don't get together like we used to because the twin's husband knows nothing about our past. She tried to bring it up once but found out real quick that it was best to just keep it a secret from him. She mentioned something about what he thought about two girls doing each other. He said only two queers would do something that strange and that he was happy he was married to someone who would never think of doing something like that. That's when she dropped the subject.

It's his loss for being so narrow minded. I wish I could have married both of them.



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