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Twins - Alike but Different

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I grew up living near these two girls. Identical twins. Looking at their faces, they look just alike. It's difficult to tell them apart even if you have known they for a long time, and I have known them for over forty years. Impossible if you haven't been around them a lot. Their bodies are slightly different. One has tits just a little larger than the other and overall a better shaped body. The one with the smaller tits has broader hips and larger ass. Both are fun loving girls with great personalities. I could go on and on talking about the traits that they have in common. The biggest difference in the two is their attitude toward sex.

The one with the larger tits refused to have sex before she was married. She says she has never masturbated. She is now a happily married woman that has raised three children. The other one never passed up an opportunity when it came to sex. She started masturbating at a young age. She was jacking off boys left and right when she was a teenager. She too is now happily married with three children. But marriage has not stopped her from enjoying sex with different men. As I said, she never passes up an opportunity for sex. I was at her house this morning.

I knew her husband was gone so I stopped by to see her. She was sitting on their patio and as soon as I got there she suggested we go inside. She knew what I wanted and I knew what she wanted. As soon as we were inside I grabbed her and kissed her. She responded to my kiss. As we kissed my hands went down and cupped her ass cheeks, pulling her close to me. We were out of our clothes in seconds.

We made it to the bed and as soon as she was on her back I was next to her with a finger buried in her pussy. Unlike her sister, her pussy always seems to be wet and juicy. I fingered her pussy as I sucked on her tits. I always tell her how beautiful her tits are. This makes her feel great because she has always had a complex about her sister having larger tits.

Unlike her sister, she keeps her pussy shaved. It wasn't long until she was dripping wet. She loves for me to see how much of my hand I can get in her vagina. One finger, then two, then three. Finally I had all four of my fingers inside her. Her pussy lips were really stretched, causing her enlarged clit to poke out. I'm a big man with large hands so I cannot get my entire fist in her. Keeping my fingers in her I reached down with my other hand and started massaging her clit. Occasionally I would stick a finger in her puckered asshole, something that her sister hates and will not allow. As soon as I touched it her entire body jerked. It didn't take long until she was cumming. I gave her four orgasms before I stopped. When I pulled my fingers from her vagina my hand was soaking wet as was her entire crotch.

After kissing her body for a few minutes I lay back and she took hold of my dick. She absolutely loves to have a dick in her hands. She played with it and slowly started jacking it. When she see's precum start to come out she started jacking faster and harder. One of her hands was cupping my balls as she too played with my asshole. Her sister will not touch an asshole.

Finally I announced that I was cumming. She smiled and aimed my dick at her body. I shot my cum all over her naked body, something her sister does not like. We talked for a few minutes then cleaned up and got dressed. Sometimes we do things that I cannot write about here.

It's amazing how two women can be so much alike and yet be so different. How do I know so much about these two women? As I said, I was raised next door to them. I am married to one and have fun with the other.



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