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Our special technique


I was born in 1970, a few minutes after Matt, my identical twin brother. People always said that we look alike, speak the same, act alike. In high school we dressed differently so our friends could tell us apart - guys said we looked identical in the shower room. (Quick side detail: Both of us have average size equipment - 2 1/2 to 3 inches soft, a shade under 6 inches hard, bit less than 5 inches around. We're not circumcised. Only difference - Matt's balls are bigger and his sack hangs much lower than mine :-)
Matt and I were raised on the East Coast. Our parents were 'religious' and didn't believe in giving us explicit instruction in matters of sex and certainly nothing about masturbation. We lived outside of town, no other siblings, so most of our free time was spent with one another rather than with school friends. And being twins, we had a few secrets.
We learned about jacking off just before our thirteenth birthday. Our cousin Carl introduced us to the joys of self pleasuring. He was already fourteen and spent a week's holiday at our house. Matt and I shared a large bedroom. We each had our own bed so when Carl came to visit Dad set up a folding cot for him in our room.
The first night Carl asked us if we jacked off. Neither of us knew exactly what that meant, even though we had heard comments about it at school. Carl proceeded to take out his cock, already getting hard. Back then his cock looked a lot bigger than ours. I remember that it was unlike ours because he was circumcised.. So he didn't have a skin hood on it. He had lots more pubic hair than Matt or me. Carl started to stoke his cock and invited us to do the same. He kept spitting into his hand to provide lubricant. I got a hard on just watching him. I remember following Carl's example and spitting into my hand. But Matt had already discovered the obvious - he just started to stroke by sliding his foreskin over the cock head. Wonder of wonders: we didn't need any spit to jack off because we weren't circumcised! My cousin Carl came with a splash (so to speak). Matt and I were really amazed to see the gobs of white cum shoot all over his belly. Soon after, my brother and I each experienced our first (dry) orgasms within seconds of each another - it felt REALLY GOOD.
That was the start of a whole lot of jacking off at our house. In secret of course. We knew from our parents' lectures and Sunday School class that we were not supposed to indulge in sexual pleasures before marriage. And Mom was always quick to tell me or my brother to keep our hands away from our groin when we were sitting around watching TV or whatever. So jacking off became another secret between Matt and me, something special that we did in the bedroom when we were alone in the house or at bedtime. When we started to ejaculate later on, we were always careful to clean up all evidence of our activity - we used tissues to wipe up and we rinsed out our boxers when needed - before they were tossed into the laundry.
That first year, we experimented a lot, like jacking one another's cock. We tried anal but it hurt too much, oral sex a few times. We gradually shied away from this as we grew older but we continued to jack off together in the bedroom, especially at bedtime. Either Matt or I would start up and soon the other one would join in. Sometimes we got together for a special 'technique', if you can call it that. This might sound really strange but we sometimes jacked off with the soles of our bare feet touching one another. I'll explain how it worked:
We would strip off our clothes and sit on the carpet facing each another - the bedroom door would be locked, just in case Mom or Dad happened along. Matt liked to sit with his back against the wall - I liked to lean back on a couple of pillows or against the edge of the bed. That way I could lean back and watch our stroking action at the same time. With legs outstretched in front of us, our feet would meet so that our bare soles touched against each another's. Each of us would jack himself off this way while facing one another. The habit of touching bare feet together wasn't new because we had done it since we were really young kids. Back then we would lie at opposite ends of the sofa , watching TV and play 'footsie' with one another. We both have long toes so when we pressed the soles of our feet together, our toes became enmeshed - my toes passed in between Matt's and vice versa. Adult visitors used to think it was 'cute'. Little did they know that playing footies sometimes made us horny. Even when I was quite young, I remember getting a hard on from feeling Matt's toes entwined in mine. We weren't aware of anything sexual about it at the time. After we learned how to jack off, we discovered that touching soles and toes with both feet really added to the intensity of orgasm. It might sound weird but you'd be amazed how sexual sensations travel through to the other person.
Matt has larger balls than me and his sack is hung really low. When he sat down on the carpet in front of me, his sack would touch the carpet. As we started to jack, his sack and balls would gradually climb up his crotch. The sack would sort of crumple up as it got tighter and his balls would almost disappear into his groin. They looked like two lumps at the base of his shaft. At this point, his sack would be just a mass of tight wrinkled skin, all drawn up into his crotch. I guess the view for Matt was similar although my balls and sack are not as big as his.
I could tell when he was about to go over the brink just from the 'feel' of his bare feet against mine, almost like an electric charge passing through our feet. It might sound crazy but it's true. Matt's facial expression would tighten up as he went into orgasm and his toes would stiffen against mine. Even if we were jacking off in the dark, (which was usually the case) I could sense when he was about to climax. And Matt could read me too. We would wait for the slower one to catch up and then go off together. Wow, what an incredible way to experience your own orgasm and 'feel' your twin cum at the same time. Then we would lie back and just be mellow for awhile - like until the cum gobs on our bellies turned watery. It was like having a double orgasm, sort of like sharing sex without actually having sex with one another. It was definitely more intense than jacking off alone. The memory gives me a hard on as I write this.
We usually restricted our jack off activity to the bedroom where our parents wouldn't walk in on us. However, there was one memorable session when we jacked off together downstairs in the rec room. We were 17 or 18 at the time and it was very late. Both of us had just come home from a party and were a little buzzed. We were talking about which chicks were the hottest, etc. Matt asked if we dared 'do it' right there in the rec room. My parents were asleep upstairs so I said why not? Let's do it. We proceeded to take off our pants, boxers and socks. Both of us were already sporting hard ons from the hot conversation. In no time at all we were on the carpet facing one another, Matt backed against the wall and me against the end of the sofa. Our long hairy legs outstretched, feet touching, we jacked away. As best I remember, I think it was a nice slow, enjoyable jack off session. Soon enough both of us went over the brink and ejaculated over ourselves. We were laying back on the carpet, coming down from ecstasy when we heard somebody moving about upstairs. Not wanting to get caught in the act, we quickly wiped up and zipped up. In a flash the sofa cushions were rearranged, lights out and up the stairs we went.
At breakfast the next morning Mom announced to us that 'Mark, Matt - one of you left your sticky underwear in the rec room. Don't expect me to wash them' (or words to that effect). The wet boxers were mine. Matt and I had used mine to wipe up our cum the night before. In the scramble to rearrange the rec room I left my wet pair of boxers on the floor beside the sofa. I couldn't believe I had been such a dork. Mom's 'sticky' description meant that she knew the boxers were wet with semen and not sweat or pee. Both Mark and I sat through breakfast embarrassed and guilty, feeling our mom's disapproval. She didn't have to say anything more because her stone silence said it all. Later I sneaked down to the rec room to retrieve the 'evidence' of last night's fun. There was that unmistakable bleach smell of cum in the room. They were quite wet with a double dose of cum (Matt's and mine) soaked into them. I put them out in the garbage to save further embarrassment. Both Matt and I walked around with red faces for the rest of the day. But it was a lesson well learned - our bedroom was the only safe place in the house for jacking.
I've never told anyone about our special foot technique. Not even my wife. And I doubt that Matt has either. ('Matt' and 'Mark' are not are real names but the rest is true.) We continued to jack off together until we left home, sometimes footsie-style, but more often each in our own bed. I never jacked off with anyone other than my twin and I don't think he did either. We both attended different colleges so that pretty well ended our jacking off together. He lives on the West Coast and we don't see one another very often. There hasn't been an opportunity for jacking off together for many years - when we do meet, our wives or kids are around. We still mention it sometimes when we talk on the phone though. Many guys tell me that they didn't get along so well with their brothers, especially as teenagers. But Mark and I got off alright, well enough to be J/O buddies. Maybe twins get it off better??? I sometimes think about a good jack off session with Matt - feet touching of course - especially when I'm jacking off all by myself. He'd be willing to go at it again too. One of these days.....



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