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Twin Sister's Hormones

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After reading the submission on December 26 from Jane about her hormone treatment, I decided to write about an experience that I had recently.

I have always had the hots for my wife's twin sister and wondered what she would be like in bed. For years I have tried to play around with her but never had any luck. She will tease and flirt but I was never able to get her to do anything else. I cannot count the number of times I have sniffed her dirty panties and jacked off in them. Of course she was never aware of this until recently.

About six months ago, at the age of 42, she went through menopause. The doctor put her on a hormone treatment which caused her sexual urges to go through the roof. She was fucking her husband every night and could not get enough and his ass was dragging. I didn't know any of this until one day she came on to me. She told me about going through menopause and about the hormone treatment. She then said, 'Joe (not his real name) just cannot keep me satisfied. I need more than he can give me, so I have started looking around for someone that can help me out.'

Is that an invitation or what.' Naturally I volunteered for the task. Her first comment was, 'I can't fuck around with you. You are married to my twin sister.'

With that I put my arms around her and held her body close to mine. I eased my hands down to her big sweet ass and cupping her ass cheeks with my hands I said, 'Well, in that case we won't fuck around with each other. We'll just play with each other.'

I then kissed her and she kissed me back. The more we kissed the hotter our kisses got until we were sucking each other's tongues. After kissing her for a few minutes I eased my hands around to her tits. Her nipples were hard as rocks and her breathing was harder. Her tits are not as large as my wife's tits but her ass is much larger. I wanted to see her ass but I figured it would be best to take things slow. I didn't want to rush her.

That day I got my hand down her pants and played with her pussy. After sticking my finger in her pussy I started rubbing her clit. It didn't take long until she was having an orgasm, and was it intense. I gave her two more before I pulled my hand away from her pussy. She made no attempt to touch my dick. She knew it was hard because I had been rubbing it against her body. I unzipped my pants and out it sprang. As soon as it was out she reached down and put her hand around it. As soon as she touched it she jumped and pulled back and looked at it. I asked her what was the matter. She said, 'OMG, you are so much bigger than Joe.' I asked, 'Why do you say that?' She said, 'How big is that thing? Joe's is five and one-half inches long when fully hard.' I said, 'Well mine is only about three inches longer.' She said, 'Yeah, but yours is much thicker compared to his.'

I then asked her if she was just going to stand there and look at it or would she like to play with it. With that she got down on her knees and started jacking me off while playing with my balls. It did not take me long until I shot my load all over her face. We cleaned up and that was it the first time.

The following week I was able to get her totally naked and admire her beautiful body. Her ass is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It's large but not too large for her five-eight frame. I told her I had always wanted to kiss her ass so she told me to have at it. We ended our session by masturbating each other. That time I shot my load of cum on her big beautiful ass.

We did pretty much the same thing the next time we were together but the fourth time it went further than I can write about here.

All I can say is that she is one hot woman and between Joe and I, I think she is now satisfied. I found a dildo that is about the same length and even thicker than my dick, so I bought it for her as a Christmas gift. I used it on her yesterday and it really stretches her pussy good. She loves it. I told her she could hide it from Joe but she stuck it inside her panty drawer. Her comment was, 'Fuck him. If he finds it I will tell him I bought it for myself.'



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