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Twin Nephews

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Names have been changed to protect all involved.


My name is Jack and this took place when I was 17. I was asked to baby sit my twin nephews. My dads brother Simon, had twin boys Ethan and Billy who were 13 at the time. Uncle Simon and Aunty Deb asked me to look after the twins while they went out of town for a long weekend with my parents. I was given $500 and strict instructions on what to feed the twins and what they were allowed to do and not do......I was told they had to sleep in separate bedrooms and were grounded from leaving the house, but received no explanation why. I was also told, I was not allowed to have any of my friends at the house but would be rewarded for my time. They explained I could keep what ever was left of the $500 at the end of the weekend. The Fridge was loaded full of food, so it sounded like easy money and I was saving for a car at the time.

I hadn't seen my Nephews for about 10 months and only a couple of times in the previous two years but they had certainly grown. They weren't identical but looked pretty close. Blond hair, blue eyes and really toned bodies for 13 year olds. They played a lot of sport and lived close to the beach so were members of the local life saving club.

I arrived early morning and all four parents left for their trip in Uncle Simon's new 4WD. I was left mums car for food runs or emergencies only. As I was on my P plates (probationary), I was told not to take the boys with me unless it was to the hospital. Dad had told me if either of the twins needed to go to the hospital, I had better make reservations for myself as he would put me there when he got back. I was happy to see them leave so I could get down to watching some TV and doing nothing.

I caught up with what the boys had been up to recently and started to watch some football as we got better acquainted. It was a pretty normal day lunch, video games, TV, snacks, dinner. After dinner Billy straight out asked me if I have had sex. It took me by surprise, but answered 'no all the way'. I said I have fingered a girl and had received a hand job. Ethan asked what a hand job was. I didn't really want to have this conversation with my Nephews, especially not knowing what they did or did not know. So I just answered 'it's when a girl rubs your dick'. Ethan then shocked me again by asking if I would show them. I said 'not now maybe later'. I don't know why I said that because I had no intentions of ever showing them. I tried to change the subject by telling them to get ready for bed. They both seemed excited and ran upstairs to their rooms. Billy was the first back to the TV room wearing only a t-shirt with no pants. I said 'wot the fuck'. Billy replied 'you said you would show us how to hand job'. I said 'not right now, maybe later'. Billy started to cry and said 'but we have to go to bed soon, so will miss out later'. That's when Ethan returned to the room with nothing on. That's when it hit me, boy were they toned and have great tans but with white asses (due to their life saving speedos). They both started to complain until I caved in. I said 'fine go and get some vaseline or some lotion or baby oil'. I then said 'lets go to one of your bedrooms', once there billy removed his shirt. I then said 'we need something to make us hard', to which Ethan said that's easy and hopped on top of Billy and started to dry hump him. I said 'settle down that's a little close to incest'. Billy asked what incest was to which I replied, 'having sex with family members'. Billy then added that Dad and Mum incest all the time. I said 'no blood relatives'.

Watching them humping gave me a stiffy, so I removed my pants to which the boys said I had a huge penis. I was only six inches but impressive to them. I then asked Ethan to get off Billy and pass the lube. I said sit up and I will get you started. For some reason I decided to start jacking both boys dicks one after another. After a couple of minutes I lubed them up and pumped one in each hand. After 4-5 minutes of this Ethan started to moan which started off Billy. Both boys started to shake and a tiny bit of clear fluid appeared on Ethan's dick, closely followed by Billy's.

Both boys said 'that was unreal, now it your turn'. I said 'go your hardest'. They both started to play with my dick as I had done for them. Then they started to wank me for about 15 minutes. I told Billy to keep pumping and for Ethan to put Vaseline on my ass hole and stick his finger in it which he obliged. I started to shoot cum all over the place which scared the boys but I egged them on. They were dumbfounded on what they saw.

We cleaned up and all went to separate beds, or so I thought.



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