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Twin Nephews (4)

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This story follows my three previous stories


My name is Jack and this took place when I was 17. I was asked to baby sit my twin nephews, Ethan and Billy who were 13 at the time. You will need to read my previous three stories, if you want to be up to date with where we are at.

Billy had said it was his turn now and gave me a smile. I said. 'lets wait a while and go for a drive to the beach'. The twins reluctantly agreed. Ethan said that he would only put on a t-shirt and his lifesaving speedos as he was hot. I replied 'that's fine' and through on some board shorts and a singlet. Billy walked back to the main living room wearing only a singlet and backpack, with no pants. Ethan laughed and said, 'I'm not wearing pants if Billy's not'. To which I replied, 'Billy will be covering his little worm, or he can stay home'. Bill said he was only joking and grabbed his speedos from the other room. We all hopped into my mums car and headed to the beach with our towels. The beach was within walking distance, but what the hell, we had a car.

We arrived at the beach within two minutes but the twins said they knew a better beach down the coast that had a lot less people on it. As it was a hot 37 degrees and the beach was packed, it sounded like a good idea. We drove fifteen minutes along the coast when Billy said turn in here. Surprisingly, the car park only had about ten to twelve cars in it. I thought this was to good too be true, but got out the car and grabbed my towel and Billy's backpack and through it to him. We headed down the path and arrived at a mass of steps leading to the beach. We walked down the fifty or so steps to the beach and thats when I noticed that there was kids running around in the nude. I looked at the twins and said, 'what beach is this'. Ethan laughed and replied, 'Maslins Beach,' which I knew to be a nudist beach. I said I didn't mind but they should have told me before, so I knew what to expect. We continued to walk towards the unclothed individuals on the beach when we hit a sign the stated 'NO CLOTHES BEYOND THIS POINT'. I told the twins to remove their speedos and I removed my board shorts. We continued to walk down the beach but was attracting some attention, so I told the twins to remove their tops. We walked up to some sand dune and dropped our towel and clothes. I said, 'lets go for a swim' and noticed Billy had a hard-on sticking straight out, I thought maybe thats why we had gained some of the nudists attention. I told the twins to hurry to the water as Ethan and I were also starting to get hard.

Once in the water, Billy said, 'I need to take care of this,' to which I replied 'no, let me'. Without looking to suspicious, I moved close to Billy and took hold of his dick. I made it look like we were just talking but in fact, I was jacking him off. This went on for what seemed like ten minute but was probably only four or five before Billy's eyes rolled back into his head. Ethan then said, 'my turn'. I said, 'lets head back to our stuff first.' All three of us were soft again walking back to our stuff. I said, 'lets find a more private spot,' so we headed further down the beach were there where not any people. I found a secluded spot, which looked like the start of a cave within the cliff face. We all laid down our towels and other items.

Ethan was hard again and said, 'will someone wank me off please'. Billy replied, 'I'll do it,' and opened his backpack and pulled out the Vaseline. It was so hot the Vaseline was almost liquid. Billy applied some to Ethan's now, hard as a rock cock and started jacking it up and down. Just watching this made me so hard, I also grabbed the Vaseline and started to jack off. My hand was sliding up and down my shaft, it felt so exciting just knowing we were in a public space and could get caught. Ethan was on his back with Billy kneeing in front of him with his ass in the air facing me. I started to rub Billy's ass checks with both my hands without any reaction. I started to circle his glory hole and Billy said, 'you are driving me crazy, please stick it in'. I slowly just broke the surface and pulled it out. Ethan brought to my attention, that it was his turn and I should be paying attention to his needs. So I moved right up behind Billy and placed my hard cock under him and wrapped my arms around him and grabbed Ethan's balls. I then began giving them a squeeze. Ethan said he was about to cum so I moved my hand to his crack and worked my finger in his hole while Billy speed up. Within seconds he shot a rope of cum hitting Billy in the chin. I started to move my cock back and forth under Billy's crack. Billy turned his face towards mine, so I sucked Ethan cum off his chin. He then turned, facing me and kissed me on the mouth, so I stuck my tongue in and pushed the cum into it. Billy spat it onto his hand and grabbed my cock, rubbing the cum on the Vaseline. There was so much lube on my cock it felt amazing. I positioned myself where Ethan had been laying so the twins could go to work on me. I looked over to Ethan and he was wiping the remaining cum off his chest and tasting it. I said, 'come over and sit on my legs facing me,' to which he was happy to do but Billy said he wanted to do that as it was his turn after I had finished. Ethan said, 'fine then'. The twins changed positions and Billy was sitting on my legs with our cocks virtually together. I grabbed both dicks using two hands and started to jack up and down. Ethan said, 'looks like you don't need me, I might go for a swim'. I replied, 'no don't go, we need you to work our asses'. Ethan said, 'O.k.' and grabbed the Vaseline and worked our holes. Just like I had done for him, he was penetrating a little and pulling out, just teasing us to drive us crazy. It wasn't long before Billy was shooting cum all over me. Then as Ethan had done earlier that day, Billy started to slide over my cock and up my chest. Ethan started to jack me again while Billy slide up and down my chest. Before I knew it I was shooting cum all over Billy's back. I told Billy to flip around so I could lick my cum off his back. After doing so he continued to slip and slide. My cum was dripping down his back and down to his balls. I pulled him to my face and ran my tongue from his ball, up past his hole to the middle of his back. This continued for a couple of minutes.

We then all headed to the water for a swim, so we could wash off the cum but ran into some girls around my age. I don't know if they noticed the cum on us but we were embarrassed regardless. We rinsed off, grabbed our stuff and headed for the car. We drove back to the twins house with no clothes on, just because we could. I think I have a new appreciation for my Nephews and will volunteer to babysit them, or just hang out, whenever I can!



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