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Twin Nephews (3)

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This story follows my two previous stories


Billy looked at me and said I want a turn!

I replied to Billy 'not right now, I think we have had enough fun for one morning'. Ethan said, 'I'm going to take a shower, if anyone wants to join me'. I commented that Billy and I had already showered. Billy said, 'thats never stopped me before' and followed Billy to the bathroom. I let them go and started to wipe up the cum from the floor. After a couple of minutes I went to check on the twins. The water was running in the shower so I peaked in and to my surprise, Billy and Ethan were kissing and groping each other. I just stood in silence and watched. All of a sudden I had a raging hard on, so I removed my clothes and hopped into the shower and grabbed both boys asses and rolled my hands around their tight cheeks. The twins stopped kissing and turned to face me. Both boys were as stiff as me so I crouched down and grabbed both dicks. I soaped them up and started to jack them. This continued for about five minutes when Billy said, 'lets take this to Mum and Dads room'.

We towelled off and ran to the twins parents bedroom which was quite large with a king size bed. I laid on the bed on my back, to which Ethan sat on my stomach and said, 'continue where you left off'. Ethan and his brother had beautiful young uncircumcised cocks with light blond tuff of wispy hair just around the base of their dicks. Both boys were very tanned and had very defined six packs but white asses from wearing their lifesaving speedos. I grabbed Ethan's cock and started to jack him where I had left off. I told Billy to start jacking me which he obliged. Billy must have had the Vaseline as his hand was slipping and sliding like there was no tomorrow. I spread my knees and pressed the soles of my feet together. I couldn't really see Billy, but the feeling he was giving me was mind blowing.

I told Billy to lube up my ass hole which he quickly did. Ethan told Billy to do the same for him. I knew when Billy's finger wasn't in my hole it probably was in Ethan's. This went on for a couple of minutes when Ethan blew his small load on my chest. He then did something I hadn't expected. Ethan started to slide down until our cocks were touching each others. He then slid back up towards my face and rubbed his genitals in his cum and told me to taste it. I was so horny that I touched the end of my tongue on his cum covered abbs. I really liked it so I started to lick his stomach all over. Billy continued to jack me and finger my ass hole while I cleaned Ethan with my tongue. I told Billy to quicken the pace as I was about to blow. And blow I did, all over Ethan's back. I told Ethan to get off me and get on all fours. I then started to lick my own cum, when I noticed it running down his ass cheeks to his glory hole. I could help but to lick all the way down his back right to his hole. Billy then said it had better be my turn now and gave me a smile.

What we did next, is for another site!



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