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Twin Nephews (2)

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If you haven't read my previous story 'Twin Nephews' this will give you some background information....

My name is Jack and I was 17 years old at the time of this story. I am baby sitting my Twin Nephews Billy and Ethan who have just turned 13 for a long weekend while our parents have gone on a trip.

They had begged me to show them how to masturbate which I reluctantly did and then we went to our own beds.

It was about 5am in the morning when I awoke to the feeling of someone in bed with me. I opened my eye and was surprised to find Billy on one side of me and Ethan on the other. Both were still asleep. I lightly lifted the covers to find neither of them had any clothes on. I too had slept naked and started to get a morning woody. I could not get out of bed without waking one of the boys so I decided to have a quick wank, very quietly. I started to move my hand up and down my now fully erect penis but the movement woke Billy. I told him to be quiet and not wake Ethan. He asked me if I was using Vaseline to wank, which I replied 'no, I couldn't get it without waking you'. He slowly got out of bed and when to get it. As he ran back into the room his little stiff dick was jumping up and down. He handed me the Vas and asked me to rub his stiffy. I said 'ok, but you can take over from me with mine' which he was happy to do. I was only jacking him very slow and soft so he could last longer, but told him to be much rougher and faster with me. After five minutes or so he started to shake and his eyes rolled back into his head. I knew this meant he had orgasmed because he had stopped jacking me, so I took over to finish myself off. After about a further five minutes I was close so I said to Billy 'lets play a trick on Ethan' who was still sound asleep. I pulled the cover off Ethan, sat up next to him on my feet and continued to jack myself off pointing my dick towards his. I told Billy to stick his finger in the Vaseline and then up my ass which he did. I started to shoot cum all over Ethan's lap and Billy was laughing. After I had drained all I could out of my dick, Billy and I exited the bed.

I told Billy to take a shower first and I would have one after. Billy said their shower was huge and we could take one at the same time as he and Ethan do most days. I could not see any harm as we had already seen each others privates, so I soaped up myself and Billy, then rinsed off. Billy asked me why I like to have a finger stuck in my ass when I jack off. I explained that it is extra stimulating due to the prostrate gland. I also explained not to rush in and try it as it may hurt the first few times and takes careful practise. I then asked Billy why he and Ethan are grounded to which he replied that mum had caught him and Ethan dry humping each other in the nude. He told me how his mum had freaked out and started to smack them both. Now I understand why I was told you had to sleep in separated rooms, boy was I in trouble if any of the parents found out what we had been up to. I asked Billy to promise to never tell anyone what we have done, which he replied 'as long as we can continue to mess around for the rest of the weekend'. I didn't have much of an option, other that to agree.

Billy said he was hungry so we went downstairs to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Billy asked me what we were going to spend the money on, to which I replied 'nothing, it was payment for me'. We were eating toast watching TV when Ethan came running nude into the room covered in my now very transparent cum. He started ranting how something was wrong with him and he doesn't know where it has come from. Billy replied that we must have broken his dick and it will leak cum forever. Ethan started crying on dropped to the floor while Billy and I were laughing. He said 'its not fucking funny' and continued to cry. I started to feel really bad as he was extremely upset, so I said 'get up I know how to fix it'. Ethan got to his feet and walked over to me. I told him to lay on the couch and I started to rub his dick. I didn't need any lube with all this cum he was covered in. I continued to jack him when he asked how was this going to help. I told him to tell me when he first gets the feeling he needs to pee. About 4-5 minutes later he informs me of the feeling, so I say get off the couch and sit on the floor like a begging dog and spread your legs. I then tell Billy to quickly go and grab the Vaseline which he does knowing full well what we are about to perform. Billy was back in 30 seconds and already had Vas on his finger so I started to jack again. A minute later Ethan started to shake so I gave Billy the signal to slowly ease his finger in Ethans ass. To all of our surprise, Ethan started to shoot cum out of his dick and started to make small grunting sounds. I stopped jacking once it seemed to stop and said 'we better clean up this mess'.

Billy looked at me and said I want a turn!



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