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Twin Cousin Trio

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Happened this past June


It was family reunion time again. My grandmother is crazy about these things. She pays for all of her four children and their families to attend. This summer she took us all to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. She got rooms for me and my cousins. Me and a boy cousin shared a room and two girl cousins shared a connecting room.

My guy cousin and I look freakishly alike. He has the same color hair, same face, same build. He even has a small patch of hair in the middle of his chest-just the same as me. The only difference that could be seen is a small scar he got from an appendix operation. We have never been close but we liked each other. He is more into hunting and me swimming. He chews and I smoke. He is 18 and I am 19. What is funny is that my dad and his mom look nothing alike.

My two girl cousins really do not like each other. One is overweight, lazy, and is never any fun. The other is totally hot. She could easily pass for the girl on HS Musical (gabriella). She is 17-turns 18 in October.

The second night we were there, Max (my guy cousin) and I were watching tv, just chillin', and Sherry (aka gabriella) knocks on the door between our rooms. I get up and open the door. She is standing there in her pjs. She was wearing what looked like a sports bra and tight brief style panties. She asked if she could come in and hang out with us for a while. We said sure.

She was completely in a silly mood. She asked us if we slept in our jeans. Our shirts were off. We said of course not, we took them off when we cut out the lights. She asked if we were ashamed of our bodies, etc. We just laughed her off.

She then started to talk about how much we looked alike and wondered if we look alike in our privates. She asked what our asses looked like. I told her mine was slightly hairy. Max said ditto. She asked how big our dicks were-both 7 inches. She wanted to know if we were circumcised-we both were. She asked about how much hair. Neither of us trimmed, so we both professed to have a lot.

She then excuses herself to go to the bathroom. We looked at each other and cracked up. Max said, 'I think she wants us, dude.' I said there was no way I was doing my cousin. He dittoed. She had a tattoe right under her navel and we both said we would like to see all of it. Only the top of it was revealed.

She steps out and says she wants to see. We said, 'See what?' She said that she wanted to see if we looked the same naked. Honestly, I was wondering the same thing but was too straight to say it. After some of her coaxing I agreed. I had seen a lot of guys naked on the swim team-and I had been seen naked by as many. Max was a different story. He said no guy and only one girl had seen him.

She kept on until he caved in. We pulled off our pants. He was a boxer guy-me briefs. We then pulled them off. He was sporting a half woody and I was still hanging. Sherry looked close and by now Max was totally hard.

She kept coaxing me to get hard and I told her that if I could see the tattoo it might help. She stood up and dropped her panties revealing a tattoo of a cat. She then lifted her bra to reveal two gorgeous hard tits. I was now totally hard. The only diffence in our dicks was that his curved a bit.

We all pulled our underwear back on and were starting to get tired. She went hack to her room and we laid down.

It was very silent. I pissed and got into bed. He stood up to go and his hard on was sticking out of his boxers. I told him that he wasn't going to be able to piss. He just sat down.

I ask if he wanted see how far each of us could shoot our cum. He jumped at the chance.

He pulled the boxers down and started pumping. He was moving his hand up and down his shaft until he blew to his nipples.

He then watched me. I generally just work on the head of my dick. I held back as long as I could. Then I shot to my chin.

We were there for two more nights. We invited Sherry to watch our contest the next night. She accepted and that was a different story all together.



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