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Twin Brothers First Time

Posted by: Author: Age: 13 Than, 18 Now Posted on: 9 comments
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We are not much into writing stuff like this so please be patient with reading our experiences. Thanks.


My brother and I are twins and from a young age we liked playing with each others dicks and for some reason which we don't know why my brother is circumcised and I'm not. I guess that played a part in why we liked playing with each other dicks but the main reason is it felt good.

So when we were thirteen is when we actually masturbated each other. It started one afternoon when we went for our shower, we had our usual boners and we played with each others dicks. Neither me or my brother had pubic hair but my dick was 6 inches hard where my brother was only 5 inches hard.

In the shower as I said we were playing with each others dicks, I pulled my foreskin back and we placed our dicks against each other and rubbed the head of our dicks together. For the first time we noticed this clear slimy looking fluid coming from our dicks and at first we thought something was wrong but we just gathered it was normal so we did it again and boy it was feeling good.

Our mum yelled at us to get out of the shower, we were disappointed cause what we were doing was feeling really good but we quickly washed ourselves and got out. We wrapped our towel around ourselves and went to our room as we forgot to take in our pyjamas. We closed the door and dropped the towel and we were both still hard so we decided to do it again.

My brother pulled my foreskin back and we placed our dicks together and starting rubbing the heads together again. It was starting to feel really good but at the same time felt like I needed to pee. I told my brother and he felt they same way and I suggested we stop but my brother didn't want to and I said what if we pee and he said not to worry about it.

Our dicks were really hard, harder than they have been before and than at the time I didn't know what was happening but my legs were getting weak and started to shake, we felt a funny feeling building up inside of us and my brother asked if my dick was tingling and I said it was. At that time our mum told us to come and eat dinner so we had to stop cause if we didn't either mum or dad would have come into our room and we would have been caught.

So we quickly got changed into our pyjamas and went and ate dinner than helped with the dishes. The only thing on mine and my brothers mind was getting back to our room and continue what we were doing but that wasn't going to happen cause mum and dad wanted us to watch a movie with them.

So after the movie finished we said goodnight to our parents and went to bed or so they thought. We closed our door and took off our pyjamas and got into bed. My brother reached over and grabbed my dick and started squeezing it to get it hard and it only took less than a minute. There was also a lot of that clear slimy stuff coming out of my dick. My brother pulled my foreskin back and it felt so good so I told him to do it again and he did.

He did it a couple more times and I started to feel that feeling we experienced before and he squeezed my dick tight and pulled my foreskin back down and that's when it happened, my very first orgasm so we found out later. My balls felt like they exploded as my dick spasmed and my body shook and this white stuff shot up in the air and landed on my chest and some dribbled out onto my brothers hand.

My brother continued to hold my dick as it went soft and I'm like what just happened and he said he wasn't too sure. My brother pulled his hand away and started playing with this white think goo and he also sniffed it than tasted it. He pulled a weird face at first so I scooped some from my chest and tasted it too.

We were still confused but my brother asked if it hurt and I told him it didn't that it actually felt really good. I said to him that we should see if he could do it and he asked how as he didn't have foreskin I said I wasn't sure so I grabbed his dick tight and started moving my hand up and down. I wasn't too sure if it was working but it seemed he liked it.

I stroked his dick about 10 times when all of a sudden he tensed up and said he think it's happening. Than all of a sudden the white stuff came flying out of his dick about two streams of it came out and hit his chest and then it just dribbled out onto my hand. I held his dick till it went soft and started playing with the gooey stuff in my hand and tasted it. He tasted different to me and he said that it was the best feeling and that it felt really good.

I smiled at him but noticed after seeing my brother do that got me hard again and he grabbed my dick and started pulling the foreskin back and forth, it took longer this time and I didn't have as much white stuff come out as the first time but it still felt very good. I than did it to my brother again before cleaning up each other by licking the white stuff off each others chests and dicks and balls, that just got us hard again but that's where I got to stop cause I don't thing Solo Touch would allow me to post what happened next but I'm sure you know what we did.

After that we got dressed and fell asleep and the next morning once our parents had gone to work we got on the computer and researched everything that happened to us so we had some understanding.

Since that night every day/night we would masturbate each other and do other things too and we are glad we experienced this together. We hope you liked reading and enjoy it as much as we liked doing it together.

To be continued if we get some feedback.



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