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Brittany is 15


Usually every school has the regular cliques and maybe a few others like the nerds, preps, jocks, and so on. I don't really fit into any of the cliques, I just hang around with my friends. We all like video games, cars, music, and girls. We have each had a girlfriend, but we like being single most of the time.

There is this one girl (she would be in the prep clique) that sits beside me in Spanish and she is constantly asking me questions. Because she sits beside me, we end up doing lots of groupwork together and we are pretty good friends but we are nowhere near best friends. Many of the prepiest preps at my school barely have any breast (volume) while the not so preppy preps have a little bit more. Brittany is definately one of the prepiest preps that I am friends with. Her bra size tells me so (I don't actually know it but I am sure it is small or at least a medium size). Even though when I really think this through I realize that they are just too small, they attract me somewhat. I have never been a fan of really large boobs. My goal was to see her naked and to see if bra size has little to do with real size.

'How do you say 'My mom drank the milk?'' she asked.

''Mi madre bebio la leche.' I think,' I replied. I never stare at her, I never even think about anything sexual with her. I talk to her like I would a 'slightly misguided' person all the time. She always gladly accepts the tone of my answers.

'Are you sure?' She asked doubtfully.

'Positive,' I answered without a care in the world.

She quickly wrote down the answer and quickly looked the next question for which she would ask me the answer for. This was basically my daily routine for Spanish. My friends were too far away to talk to them and there were no other freshman to talk to other than her.

She never talked to me as if she wanted to see me naked, so I always wondered how in the world I am going to get her naked in front of me. I figured the only way to get her in the uncomfortable position of nudity was to go out with her and somehow persuade her to get naked. This was gonna be a toughy. She had just broken up with whats-his-face and I know she really liked him. I was gonna have to bring in the big guns.

'Do you need help, like after school maybe? I can help you with any of your subjects,' I said with a sweet tone to it.

'You would do that for me? My dad has been pushing me to get some help after school if I needed it. This would be perfect! Um, meet me outside after school and I'll take you to my house so we can get tutoring,' she exclaimed enthusiastically. She seemed to think that I would never help a girl but I think she's going to be the one helping me...

'Welcome to my humble abode,' she said jokingly. It was a large two story house with a complete four door garage, large basement and playroom, nothing but master bedrooms, and a giant backyard. This house beat the pants off of mine. I am guessing that the house costs around $450,000 or so. It had a truly remarkable foyer with opposite stairs and hand carved railing. I noticed that she had a super hot sister and a younger brother whom she seemed to be annoyed with.

'Spanish goes first,' she demanded.

We started to study past tense verbs and how they are conjugated. She was really confused with all forms of verbs and had little hope in speaking the language in the future. As we studied, her sister took her brother somewhere and they wouldn't be back until late and that her parents were busy and will go out to eat before coming home. Now I knew we were alone and sooner or later, the time will come. I wasn't sure if actually asking her out was worth it. I didn't really like going out with preps but lately, she is all I could get.

'You have really nice eyes,' I said.

All she could do was blush and keep on with her work.

'and your clothes really compliment the blue in your eyes.'

She looked at me with this loving stare that paralyzed me all the way to my toes.

'Brittany, I know you just ended a relationship but I think that I can show you true love and I would be so happy if you would go-'

I was interrupted by her lips when they suddenly attacked my lips and they had a big wrestle. Suddenly they called in for backup! These tongues lathered each other in their saliva and the scene went on. Eventually, it ended in a tie and we continued work as I assumed this wrestle meant 'yes'. It became really awkward studying with her as time went on so I decided to break the silence.

'What is the craziest thing you've done?' I asked leading this into what I hope it would.

'The...craziest?' She asked almost as if the craziest is crazier than what I thought it would be.

'Yeah! The craziest!'

'Okay, well, my ex-boyfriend and I loved, well, each other so much, that, he asked me to give him a hand job.'

'And,' I said knowing there was more.

'I did it.'

'Wow. I never would have expected you to do such a thing.'

'Well, he told me his dick was really big, I had never seen a dick before, so I told him to show me and he did. Then he asked me to give him a hand job. I think it was the only reason he went out with me though.'

'Did you taste his cum?'

'Yeah, it was pretty good!' she said ecstatically.

'Were you naked?'


'I bet you looked real good.'

'You think?'

'I BET you looked good! How much are you willing to bet?' I said playfully.

'You don't have to make a bet to see me naked.'

'Is that so?'

She pointed me towards her room and off we went. Her room was a bright red with a red bed and pink wallpaper, and red this, and pink that, and everything else following the same color scheme. She slowly unbuttoned her mini jacket as I watched carefully. She slipped off her blouse to reveal her lavender bra. She slid off her skin tight jeans to reveal her thin, lacey panties. She pointed to me and invited me to do the rest. I found the bra straps and undid them. I was waiting for this moment for so long. I took her bra off to show her absolutely gorgeous breasts which though small, were still a nice size. I definately saw that her breasts were bigger than they appeared under a bra. I grabbed her panties and slid those down to show her beautiful butt and trimmed pubic hair leading the way to her pussy. I grasped her breasts with my hands as she watched and wondered why I was doing this.

'Well, I've always wondered if boobs were actually bigger than they appear,' I said avoiding the fact that I think her bra is pretty small.

'Mine are not the biggest, I know, but I guess you are right.'

I jumped onto her with my clothed body and made out with her as my boner pushed up against her lower stomach. I got on my knees and unbuttoned my pants and quickly threw them off and then I took my shirt and boxers off to reveal my almost six inch penis (get real guys...8 in?) and bushy pubic hair. We sat across from each other as I jerked my self off and she fingered herself. She was just so sexy and she had a perfect body. I eventually orgasmed and shot a descent load over my chest. It slowly drooped as I waited for Brittany to orgasm. She seemed to be having trouble so I asked if I could finger her and she happily obliged. I had never done this before but I knew a little about where the clitoris is. I found that and rubbed it nice and softly, almost like a tickle. She started to moan extremely loud and a squealed every now and then. She panted faster and harder until she had her first orgasm.

'Oh my god! That felt SO GOOD! We'll HAVE to do this later tonight!'

It was five o'clock at the time we finished the first session and we started to watch a movie, naked. About halfway through the movie, there was a call and Brittany went to answer it. She came back with a smile on her face.

'Family wont be home tonight. My sister's roommate was in a car accident and they are going to be at the hospital there and stay at a hotel,' she explained.

We finished watching the movie and I headed to her room to start the second session.

'Where are you going? Why don't we do this somewhere more, fun?' She led me to the fenced backyard and then to the large pool. She went to the diving board and jumped off. I followed suit and jumped with my penis flapping in the evening air. She got out of the pool and shook off all the water as her breasts jumped from side to side. I again did the same. She went back to the diving board and layed on her back on it. It was a really wide diving board but still had the spring that all diving boards are meant to have.

'Lay over top of me and jack off. Make sure not to slip off either.'

I grabbed my bulging cock and moderately pumped it up and down. She reached to her pussy and fingered herself. I could tell she was trying not to moan so she wouldn't wake the neighbors. My penis was turning super red.

'How 'bout this time you finish it off,' I said.

She grabbed my dick and jacked me off. I pulled out some lotion I saw by the kitchen counter and told her to put some in her hands. She had such delecate fingers and they were so soothing. The lotion made it feel even more stimulating. I lost my mind and before I knew it, I was ejaculating all into her hair, then her face and mouth, then all over her boobs. I saw her still fingering herself so I told her where to rub and she finally orgasmed. I noticed some liquid come out so I showed her what it was and why it was special.

We went skinny dipping again to clean off, and ended with a cold shower by the pool and a warm bath in the jacuzzi.

'One more session?' she asked. I was beat and I'm sure my penis was going to hurt the next day. I gave in anyway. I leaned back with my erect penis while she leaned forward and grasped it. She pumped it slowly but I told her to pump it really fast because for some reason it is hard for me to ejaculate in water. We eventually realized this was going nowhere so I told her to come on over and we cuddled in the jacuzzi. I played around with her breasts until she went to sleep. I drained the water, picked her up, and carried her to her room. I layed her asleep and naked body on her bed and looked for pajamas. I found some panties, a pajama top, and a bottom and quietly slipped them on. I got dressed and layed on the couch and went to sleep.

We have been doing this since about once a month and we never plan to stop.



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