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Tutor Taught Me Lots!!

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It all started when I failed my first math test. My parents wanted me to get a tutor, which I thought would really suck. But truthfully, it didn't, because I had Andy for my tutor. Andy was really smart, but he was SO gorgeous, kind-of skinny, shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. I always thought he was cute. Well, he had been tutoring me for a few months and we became really good friends. Honestly I thought I was falling in love with him, call me crazy.
Well, I was confident and ready to do something about these feelings, so one night my parents went out for dinner and a movie. (This was on a friday night I think). So, what better than to have a night alone with Andy? So I put on a really sexy dress, and turned off most of the lights in the house lighting a few candles. Andy was shocked when he arrived, either because he realized we were alone or that I looked so fine!
'We're not gonna do homework.....are we?' he asked.
'What do you think?' I answered raising my eyebrow. I invited him in and took his jacket.
'you look amazing,' he said. I smiled and we stood in silence for a while until either being in the dark or just how much I liked him forced me to do what I was about to do. Without even thinking I french-kissed him, forcing him on the wall. And the best part was, he kissed me back
We kept on kissing for a few minutes when I started to get really horny. I traced one of my hands from his chest down to his cock and rubbed it. He started to slightly moan as he felt my ass. I couldn't take it anymore, I couldn't be a good girl anymore! I wanted him so bad!
'Let's go upstairs,' I whispered. So, Andy followed me up the stairs and to my bedroom. We started making out again and I forcefully shut the door. We made the way to my bed taking off our clothes on the way until he was in only boxers and me in only underwear.
'I want you,' he whispered as he took off my remaining clothes. I pushed him on the bed and ripped off his boxers and we practically jumped on the bed and got under the covers. I loved feeling his manly body next to mine as he grinded against me. Once again, I lightly stroked his cock and he started to moan.
'Mmm, don't stop.' So I didn't, and I moved my fingers to the head. He moaned again, but this time a lot louder.
'OHH GOD!!' As he said this I was getting so horny! His legs started to tense up and his whole body was rhythmically shaking and moving with the motion of my hand. He moaned and moaned and moaned some more, shaking the bed so loud I almost thought the neighbors would hear. He came in long, sticky threads, and he had probably been storing it up from past masturbation sessions.
'Thanks, baby,' he said, moving down in the bed. I knew where he was going, and my heart started rapidly beating as I felt his warm breath on my pussy. I gasped as me softly tongued it, he didn't go too fast at first which is what I liked. I started to moan.
'Ohh...Andy...oh fuck!' It didn't take me long to orgasm because I LOVED the feeling of his tongue on my pussy. Since we were a little 'iffy' on having sex we didn't, so we just kept it to playing with each other. After each of our orgasms we were tired and stiff. He came back up from my pussy and I was sitting up. Andy laid his head on my chest and gently sucked on my nipples while I was playing with his hair. He told me how much he loved me and we've been together ever since :-)
I hope you all enjoyed this story and good luck with your experiences!!



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