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Turned On By Niece

Author: Age: 34 Posted on: 10 comments
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Niece rekindled my desire to taste a pussy


I previously wrote about how my cousin had taught me how to masturbate and we became lovers for a week when she had stayed with us. http://www.solotouch.com/story/cousin-showed-me-how-51460 She had gone down on me on our last night together and asked me to do the same to her but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I regretted not doing so for a long time after and usually fantasised about eating pussy when I masturbated which was almost daily and sometimes twice or three times daily. However, once I started going out with boys, my masturbation fantasies changed from eating pussy to handjobs and fucking and I didn't often fantasise about girls anymore.

That all changed when my niece came to stay with us when her parents went off on a river cruise and she didn't want to go. Beth was 14 and looked very much as I did at that age but a little wider in the hips. My husband was away at work for two weeks and he had had no objections: said it would be company for me when he was gone.

On her first night, I was in bed reading my book when I heard a moan from the other side of the wall: our bedrooms backed onto each other and the wall was just thin plasterboard. I stopped reading and listened intently. She moaned again. Oh My God! I thought, She's masturbating! I was shocked. At 14, I didn't even know what masturbating was although my cousin had learned earlier. I wondered what age Beth had started.

The moans became more frequent and a little louder. I wondered how she had learned. Had someone showed her like my cousin showed me or had she discovered it for herself? I thought back to that first time with Linda and my hand crept down to my puss. I was very, very wet. The moans were really getting to me. How often did she do it? What did she think about? Did she let boys finger her? Was she even still a virgin? By this time I was kneeling on my pillow with my ear hard against the wall, two fingers of one hand in my cunt and one finger of the other hand up my bum. I hadn't felt so randy for ages.

I could hear her orgasm building up and towards the end I could hear her clearly moaning, Oh Johnno, fuck me! Fuck my cunt, Johnno! I came at the same time as Beth did with my nightie pulled up and stuffed in my mouth to stifle my own moans. Who was Johnno I wondered? Some boy at school? Football player? Singer? No idea, but I thanked him mentally for giving me the best orgasm I'd had for months.

The next morning, I looked at Beth in a very different light over the breakfast table. Not as innocent as she looked I thought, but then again I was no innocent myself after my cousin had shown me how to masturbate. It happened very suddenly: one second I was looking at her wondering what she got up to with boys, then the thought popped right into my head. Has she ever had her pussy licked? I remembered my first oral from my cousin when I was 14 and I could imagine Beth with her legs spread, pussy pink and glistening and me moving my mouth closer. I could feel my pussy floodgates open as I imagined eating her virgin hole, tasting her juices, hearing her gasp as my tongue made contact and feeling her buck against my face. Oh God, I wanted to lick her so much.

Are you okay, Aunt Kim? she asked, jolting me back to reality. God knows what I looked like as these incestuous thoughts were whirling in my head. Your face is really red. she said. Just a little flush I get sometimes. I replied. Now get yourself off to school or you will miss the bus! I watched from the living room window as she went towards the bus stop and once I was sure she hadn't forgotten anything and wasn't going to come back, I made a beeline for her room. Her clothes from the previous day were lying beside her bed, her underwear on top. I grabbed her knickers, turned them inside out, pressed the gusset against my nose, inhaled deeply and reached between my legs at the same time. I moaned out loud and fingered myself furiously. I was really horny before but the scent of a hormonal 14 year old's pussy sent me into orbit. It was so hot. I needed to cum long and hard and knew my fingers wouldn't be enough so I dashed into my own room, took out my vibrator, put it inside me and rode it on the bed with her yellow cotton panties held against my face. I sniffed, licked and sucked on them as I ground myself hard against the vibe.

I was screaming blue murder as my orgasm hit. The second one followed very quickly by which time I had stuffed the gusset in my mouth and was pinching a nipple and fingering my bum. I still wasn't finished though; I wanted more. I rolled over onto my back and I pulled her panties on. Then I sat on the edge of the bed with my legs spread and looked at myself in the mirror. I imagined I was 14 again and wearing teenage panties. Then I imagined I was really looking at Beths reflection and the outline of her lips through the tight material and I could see my hand slipping down her belly and into the waistband. But it was her pubes I could feel, her wetness on my fingers, her moans I could hear and it was she who was cumming at my touch. Another two orgasms later and I was sated. I took her by now soaking panties off and put them in the washing machine along with the rest of her clothes and my duvet which now had two huge wet patches on it. I thought about her all day and wondered how I could get a hold of her panties from today while they were still warm and fresh. And I masturbated again.

My luck was in when she came home from school. She asked what I had done with her clothes from yesterday and I said I had done a wash and she should put anything needing done in the washing basket in the bathroom. When I heard the toilet flush I knew she had been in the bathroom and once she was back in her room I went in myself. I used to change my panties when I came in from school and hoped she did the same. Sure enough, they were in the basket; pink ones today, and still warm and moist. I just knew my orgasm was going to be good and I decided to take things slowly and savour the moment.

First of all, I examined them thoroughly, inside and out. There was a sizeable dark wet patch on the outside and a lot of goo on the inside and a couple of dark pubes. I sniffed the dark patch then put it between my lips and sucked it. I felt a big dark patch starting to form in my own panties. Next I turned them inside out and touched the goo with my finger. Thick and slippy. I scraped some off with my nail and put it in my mouth. That did it. I was off on a frenzy again. Yesterdays slightly stale knickers were good but fresh moist ones simply made me lose control. I sniffed hard on the gusset spreading some of her discharge over my top lip and nose then put them in my mouth, licking it up then scraping the remainder off with my teeth. I fingered my hard button which was poking through my knickers and savoured the exquisite taste.

In the end, I came by sticking two pantie-covered fingers into my dripping hole and thought of her juices mingling with mine. In bed at night, I was listening intently and sure enough she masturbated again. Johnno got a mention again. She must have got carried away a bit because this time I heard her bedsprings creaking which I didn't the previous night. And again, I came at the same time she did.

Next day, my hubby phoned mid-morning and asked how things were going. We are very open with each other so I told him about Kim masturbating. We often have phone sex when we are apart and I knew that it would set him off. I gave him a very detailed description of what I had heard and that it turned me on and this led to a big orgasm for both of us. Although we are very open, I didn't volunteer the whole story of what I had done with her knickers or what I wanted to do to her. Although he had asked in the past about my early masturbation habits, I had never told him what Linda and I had done and had never thought to ask how I learned.

When Beth got in from school, I used her panties again. The thoughts I was having about her were driving me uncontrollably nuts and I decided that tonight I was going to do something insane. So when she started masturbating in bed, I quickly slipped on my joggers and a tee shirt and quietly let myself out the back door. It was a hot night and I had been nude in bed: I hoped Beth was too. Our back garden is very secluded and private so no-one could see as I crept up to her window and looked in. Luckily, the curtains weren't pulled fully shut. Bingo! My jaw dropped as I took in what I was seeing. The spare room isn't very big and there is less than 3 feet between the window and the foot of the bed. The light was still on and I had a perfect view of her naked body and pussy from a distance of less than 6 feet.

A pussy that was being fucked by a hairbrush handle! Her window was open a little and I could hear the squelchy noises as it pumped in and out. I could see her lips stretched around it as it slid out and watched, mesmerised, as her climax built up. Sometimes she used both hands on it and sometimes just one with the other working hard at her clit. She had a thick, luxuriant, jet black bush too. As her orgasm approached, she pulled her legs right up and I could see her little puckered anus. Mmm! I wanted to tongue that too. She had her school blouse under her bum presumably to act as a towel and stop the bed getting soaked. My own hand was at my slit and my juices were running down my legs.

As Beth came, my own orgasm was so powerful that my legs buckled and I sank to the grass. Wow, did it feel good. When I eventually stood up and peeped in again, she was standing looking at herself in the mirror, sucking her tum in, turning from side to side and running her hands from her stomach up over her tits. Then she turned and checked her bum. She was perfect. And how I wanted her. Then she slipped a nightie on, got back into bed and turned out the light. Back in my own bed, I fingered myself to another, less powerful orgasm.

Next day when she was gone I found her blouse in the washing basket. Still quite damp. I tasted and smelt it. Very different from panties which had been absorbing a vaginal discharge all day. The blouse was damp with pure sex and cum juices. I got her hairbrush too and sucked on the handle then I fucked myself with it as she did while inhaling the vapours from the blouse. Another massive orgasm for me.

The next night I watched through her window again. However, this time, after fucking herself with the hairbrush handle but not cumming, she got up and pulled a chair over beside the bed. What is she up to? I thought. She jammed the hairbrush under the mattress with the handle sticking out, got on her hands and knees, backed herself onto it, pulled the chair closer then rested her arms on it and started rocking back and forth. Wow! I had never tried anything like that before. Then, supporting herself with one arm, she started rubbing her clit too. I wondered if she had ever been fucked in that position.

I came at the same time as she did and crept back to my room. I got out my long double dildo, jammed it under my own mattress, pulled over a chair and fucked myself the same way. Wonderful! Why hadn't I ever thought of this myself? I could control the depth of the penetration and the speed to exactly how I wanted it. Bloody brilliant! But I was aware that my pussy was starting to get a bit raw with all the attention it had been getting since Beth arrived. Note to self; must lay off a bit.

Next day, I did lay off a bit and didn't go through the washing basket or use her hairbrush again but it was difficult to resist the temptation. But I persevered and promised myself a good orgasm at night. I was having very wicked thoughts all the time and my pussy was wet all day. By evening I was on my third pair of fresh knickers but by then my wicked thoughts had coalesced into a cunning plan. So in bed that night I got out my noisiest vibrator, pointed my crotch towards the wall and set about my clit with it. I wanted Beth to hear it and hear me. I tried to make it seem that was stifling my moans but at the same time making sure that she knew that her Auntie Kim was using a sex toy to get herself off.

Afterward, I listened hard through the wall but didn't hear anything. Either she had cum already or had decided not to masturbate in case I heard her because by now she knew how thin the walls were.

Next day, after she left, I had an orgasm while fantasising about how my plan would turn out. I was going to let her know that she would be alone in the house for several hours that night and wondered if she would try and find my toys. I assumed she had none of her own otherwise she surely wouldn't be resorting to a hairbrush handle. I went into my bedside cabinet and removed the ones I definitely didn't want her to find; the double penetration dildo, the joy beads, the long double ended one and the two strap-ons. I didn't want her knowing I enjoyed anal or wondering who I shared the last three with. I locked them away in a suitcase. This still left an assortment of half a dozen to tempt her. I then set up my camera to do a time-lapse recording. Four hours at one frame per second should give a ten minute video and wouldn't exceed the capacity of the memory card.

After we had tea I told her I was going to the supermarket for my weekly shop and would be visiting a friend as well and not to expect me back before 10pm. I started the recording and left. I have never felt so horny with anticipation and my pussy was oozing as I walked round the supermarket. Had she found them yet? Would she dare try one? More than one? Which one was she using right now? Was she cumming right at this very second? Despite my intention to lay off my poor pussy I knew I couldn't wait and before I went to the checkout I bought some condoms.

After putting the shopping in the car I headed back in to the ladies toilet with the condoms and a banana in my handbag. I rolled a condom onto the banana and slid it into my hole. I had never masturbated in a public toilet before but the thought of people around me and the thought of what Beth might be doing made for an intense orgasm. And a sore lip where I bit it trying to keep quiet. I will certainly be trying that one again sometime.

The shopping only took two hours and I wasn't going to be visiting a friend so on the way back I stopped in a deserted layby, took my panties off and teased myself for another hour as the traffic whizzed by. When I got back, Beth was in bed. I so wanted to check the camera and had to really force myself to put the shopping away first. Then to my room. I checked the cabinet first but the toys seemed to be in the same places I had left them. Now for the camera. It was still recording. I stopped it and with breathless anticipation I played it back. It was 13 minutes on the time stamp when Beth entered my room. She checked the cabinet on hubbys side of the bed first and found a load of flavoured condoms. Shit! I should have removed those too.

Next she checked my side. She took everything out, checked them out and put them back one at a time. Then she picked out three and put them on the bed; Next, she picked them up and left. Shit, shit, shit! Nothing to see! It was 2hrs 27 mins on the time stamp before she brought them back. And she walked back into the room naked! Hussy! Her cunt must have been sore if she had been using them for over two hours. I wondered how many orgasms she had.

Then she went through the chest of drawers and the wardrobes giving my lingerie a thorough going over. I tried the three she had used giving them all a sniff before I used them but she must have thoroughly cleaned them. I kept them buried inside me to keep the noise down; except the finger vibe but thats very quiet anyway. Next night I spied on her again and this time she was lying face down humping her hand. Then she finished by getting onto her knees and humping her hairbrush burying her face in the pillow presumably to stop me hearing her. I could actually see the juice running down the handle not to mention a fabulous view of her perfect bum and anus.

This was to be my last orgasm at her window because her parents were going to pick her up the next day. I am sorry to disappoint any readers who thought I was going to get physical with my niece but that's the way it was. So I still haven't gone down on a pussy although now I have smelled and tasted one albeit second hand from a hairbrush handle and several pairs of soiled panties. But OMG I want to eat one more than ever now. It's taken ages to type this as I kept stopping to play with myself so Ill stop now. There is a follow up to my story but it doesn't involve any girl/girl stuff. If anyones really interested I'll get around to writing it up.



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