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I was on the tube and it was packed. I was facing the doors with my hand on the metal pole. At some point in the journey I felt a man pressed right up against my back. Then I realized that I could feel his erection pressing against me. I was annoyed and so I turned around the pole. But I got the shock of my life, because standing there was a huge black man.

I must admit here that I like many women have a secret fantasy of having sex with a black man, whether consensual or not. Its not something I have ever really thought about other than when watching sports men on tv, etc. It's not a fantasy that has really dominated, it's just there lurking in the back of my mind. If we are honest we all want to know if 'its true' and they just look like they would be so much better in bed than white men.

Anyway, there in front of me was my fantasy black man and he was gorgeous. Without thinking I automatically looked down at his crotch and I could see the outline of a very large penis. When I looked back up he was smiling right at me. The next thing the tube stopped the door opened and I was jostled. I ended up right back in my previous position in front of him. The doors shut and I felt his hand clasp my hand on the pole and he pressed right into my back and started to rub. I could feel his penis, it felt huge. I just became so incredibly aroused. To be crude I was dripping the next thing I knew his other hand had wrapped around my waist just below my stomach.

This now was no fantasy, he was holding me. I am married with 3 children and I adore my husband, but I just did nothing. His hand then moved down until it had hold of my vagina. His fingers found my swollen clitoris through my trousers and he began to work on it.

I cannot describe the feeling, I became light headed virtually semi conscious. If it was possible for a woman to have a premature ejaculation well I had one. He made me come in seconds, but the orgasm was like nothing I had ever experienced it lasted for ages. Wave after wave and my trousers became visibly wet. I tried all I could to keep quiet. I came too when the tube reached Gloucester Road. I managed to break free and get off even though I needed to go to Westminster. I looked back as the doors closed and he blew me a kiss and the tube went.

This was three months ago. I think about my black man EVERY DAY I just cant help it. I for the first time had an orgasm with my husband during sex. But he does not know it was because I was thinking of my black man. In my fantasy we have done all sorts. I changed my route to work after this incident but on Friday I went looking for him. I just need him inside me, just once.



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