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Trying on Pants for an Afternoon

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For as long as I can remember it has always been as equally thrilling for me to walk round and carry on a day at home, with a raging hard on sticking straight out in front of me, as actually blowing my load. Because of this fact over the past few years I have been thinking up general scenarios of different ways to spend an afternoon or even a full day with a hard on.

As the days pass and I feel in the mood I add the details to the plan until it is ready to carry out. The plans usually involve being out in public or semi-public places with a raging hard on and a chance of being caught in this state. The most recent plan revolved around a day at the mall trying on pants and it turned out to be a great time as the public were always just outside the change room door or curtain which kept my cock as hard as a rock.

The sight of my cock springing out of the pants I was trying on when I undid the fly or waist band just kept looking better and better in the change room mirrors. I went to several stores trying on pants, some were bargain basement joints but some were high end places which were the most thrilling as there was usually an attendant right outside the curtain talking to me about the clothes not knowing I was standing on the other side of the curtain with a rock hard seven inch cock sticking straight up and leaking pre-cum.

As the day went on I headed to the food court for some lunch as planned and as I sat down with my hard on held in place by the waist band of my pants and my fly three-quarter open I suddenly realized that the tables had a partition and you could not see people below their waists. This instantly elevated my aroused state and I decided to revise the plan immediately.

By now my cock was throbbing and getting uncomfortable so I slid back in my seat and leaned forward and that was all it took and my cock sprang free of my pants and boy did it feel good. I was quite nervous in the beginning as I had never had my whole rod out in public before but the excitement soon overwhelmed the nervousness and I decided to reach down quickly and touch my rod. When I did this I found a stream of pre cum running down the shaft. This heightened my excitement one step further and I decided to unzip my fly all the way and undo the waist button on my pants which I promptly did.

I realized right away I had hit a new public high as I sat there with my throbbing cock sticking straight up and my balls resting on the plastic seat. I knew this would be hard to beat and it was so thrilling I sat there for a good hour and at one point even leaned back when no one was around giving a full view of my cock. I thought about lifting my hips up so the head of my rod stuck above the table but couldn't muster the courage.

By now my rod was leaking lots and was ready to blow so I forced it back behind my waist band leaving my fly undone and pulled my shirt down and headed to the restroom. I went to a stall across from a mirror and when the restroom emptied opened the stall door and lubed my throbbing rod up with pre cum while facing the mirror. My cock seemed bigger around and veinier than I could ever remember, and as I stood there stroking for a minute or so in the mirror I knew I was about to blow and tried to turn toward the toilet, but didn't make it, and blew four long solid ribbons of cum on the stall wall which ran down onto the floor.

I stood there for a few seconds milking the last few drops then headed for home thinking about the thrilling day I just had.



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