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Trying anal masturbation

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I decided to try a little anal sex alone... and I need to talk about it with someone, I can't so I'm here to let myself go.


First from all sorry for my English. I'm from south europe.

Every man looks at my ass.

Guys of my class, older guys at school, some teachers too, I saw my brother look at it and more men and guys in disco or when I go shopping or everywhere else.

I'm quite self conscious I've a gorgeous ass, sometimes seeing people look at it is almost annoying to me, but sometimes that makes me hot.

My boyfriend, and my ex-bf too, has a crush on my ass... he always wanna touch it and when we are alone in intimate moments I let him play with it and sometimes finger and lick my asshole. Particulary I really like when he finger my ass and licks my clit at the same time, I've wonderfull orgasms in this way.

Actually I'm still a virgin, with my bf I do only hard petting, HJ and sometimes BJ... I don't wanna fuck, I'm not ready... my bf asked me if he could fuck my ass instead... obviously I said no, but I've to admit that his request make me horny.

I've thinked about anal sex for days and now everytime I see a boy looking at my ass I'm wondering if he wanna fuck it. Also I masturbated fantasizing about anal sex, I like touch my pussy and finger my ass at the same time thinking about a stranger fucking my asshole slow and deep... ok ok that's nasty but I can't help!

Sometimes I read stories in this site and often I need a little masturbation session... sometimes I read about anal sex, sometimes no... recently I decided to try a little new anal masturbation with something bolder than my finger, you know, pretending this thing was a cock.

So this last weekend when my parents and my brother were out I took my hairbrush that has a nice well-shaped handle to try anal sex.

I was in my room. I removed all my clothes and started to caress my body, then I focused on my pussy... my heart was pounding so hard, thinking what I was ready to do made me so madly hot.

So I took some balsam on my middle finger and lubed my asshole, then for a while I started fingering it, touching my pussy with the other hand. So good, I was ready! I put my hair brush on my pillow then I went on it pretending to ride it. So I tryed... when the tip go in the first time it hurted so I stopped, but I was too horny, I lubed the shaped handle to try again... the second time it hurted... the third time... mmmmmmm... the handle went in and didn't hurt so much... only a little. I slowly started to ride it touching my pussy furiously... omg was so good! Thinking about that made me excited!

I was riding slow but step-by-step it went deeper and deeper! The best happened when the hair brush handle went in almost completely, in fact at the bottom, in the middle of the hair brush there is a part thinner than the handle... when my anus reached this part I felt in heaven... dont know why but felt so good and I orgasmed moaning like a cat in love! My asshole contracted many times moving in a funny way the hair brush... omg!

When I removed it hurted a little and I've a little pain in my ass for the whole day... but definetly I liked it.

I tryed again yesterday (still wonderful) and now I'm thinking if I can try something bigger or let my bf give it a try... could be a nice Xmas gift, but I'm a little shy and I don't know if I've the mood to tell him I'm quite ready. For now maybe I'll practice a little more alone.

Thank you for your attention. Talking here about that, helped me... I needed it. I feel light now... and a little horny too! eh eh eh!



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