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Try An Electric Toothbrush

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Try An Electric Toothbrush!
I think this site is interesting and worthwhile..... and as such have decided to share my experience with others.
I truly never masturbated until I was about 18 years old. I was born and brought up in a catholic family, and it was never something I had even thought about. Yes I had the interest in the opposite sex, but never noticed the concept of masturbation. I had had the odd kiss with my girl friends, and had the hands of a male chum down my pants a couple of times.. but that was it.
I had my first intercourse experience with a boyfriend when I was 18, which was OK. We carried on having sex, but the more it went on, the more jealous I was of the intense pleasure he seemed to be having- while I, on the other hand, was never quite there. Yet, I wanted to be. enjoyed what I was getting - but only up to a point.
I started to discuss the matter with friends- one told me that I should masturbate- as that was what she did, on the advice of her mother no less. She explained the technique to me- though in fairness, I could have got there on my own.
One day I was in my boyfriends bed while he was at work... and I could smell him from the linen..... I started to finger myself which aroused me a lot........ I was using quite a specific stroke and soon...... my pussy was throbbing wildly. However, I found that I spurted a lot of fluid- and I was horrified........ I thought I had peed the bed. Hence, I was in turmoil as I had enjoyed the experience- yet I was very embarrassed.
I left masturbation alone then for a long time..... only occasionally having a little clit rub when the need arose... but always somehow torturing myself- as I would not actually take myself to the big O. This went on for about eight years, but just recently- in late twenties, I have started to masturbate more often and am taking myself over that edge.
I have started laying baby nappies under myself to catch any of the moisture, and there is a lot, or masturbating in the bath or on tiles on a bathroom floor. This way- there is nothing for me to worry about.... I am enjoying the experiences to the max.
I have a good healthy sex life with my husband, but he is away often on business, and if I am honest- this new pleasure exceeds all other pleasure in terms of intensity. However- for the purpose of this- I am only going to focus on my solo activity. This is after all- what this site is all about.
There are several ways I masturbate.... and I use a range of "toys" to help me. There are no children, so time is seldom a problem. I like to lick my own nipples while reading erotic material .... (I am blessed with large breasts.) I push my hands down my pants and feel the hot moisture and search out my erect clit......... I work myself with my fingers........ teasing. Then when that's not enough.... I turn on my trusty helper, which is an electric toothbrush (there is a particular head kept especially for the purpose) and I place the back of it onto my clit and lips. Within seconds I am nearly climbing the walls. Then as it builds I find something thin to lubricate liberally and insert into my anus. I love having my anus licked and this is as close as I can get while going solo. Then I take a huge fake penis and switch it on...... I insert that into my cunt and whoa.... heaven is around the corner. The anus toy will be removed- leaving me to focus on the clit and hole...... I thrust that cock into me- all the time pressing the manic toothbrush onto my clit. Soon I am writhing- and enjoying fucking myself..... and imagining I am being fucked by some dashing guy. Sometimes I imagine I am going down on some young, sweet-smelling girl..... while I have never had the chance to do this.... I think I would like to- I sure as hell fantasize about it enough. I imagine parting her lips with my hot tongue and gently enveloping her clit between my lips humming as I did........ feeling her move beneath my face..... and her moisture slopping onto me- then I would like to delve into her cunt..... lapping up her juice... tasting ....eating licking and enjoying. When I do come- there is a lot of juice..... my whole body has little contractions all over and my pussy twitches for about ten minutes after......
I have never been more horny. I have started to need to masturbate at least once a day..... I think its to do with my sexual peek. Sometimes it is more often if my husband is away and I am going without the real thing too. He knows I have toys and that I masturbate- but so far, I have saved it as my own thing. One day I might just put on a little show for him, so he knows what I am up to.
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