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Truth or Dare With Sis and Her Friend

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It all started one day while I was in my basement looking at porn and masturbating when I accidentally found this site. I read a story about a brother and sister playing truth or dare with one of her friends. This gave me a good idea.

My sister, who I'll call Jen, was in the pool with her friend, who I'll call Stacy. They were both ten years old at the time. So I decided to go swimming. When I got in the pool, I just kept to myself for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then I suggested we play truth or dare and they said it was fine with them. It started off with dumb things like, 'I dare you to cartwheel into the pool' and then it moved on to daring us to moon each other.

Then finally, Jen says, 'I dare you to show Stacy your balls.' So I said fine. Stacy had never seen a real guy naked before so she giggled when she saw my dick and balls. It was my turn so I dared Stacy to show her bottom parts. I had to use bottom parts because they didn't know the term pussy yet.

So she showed me her bottoms under water. I told her to wait while I put a mask on. After I put my mask on, I was able to get my face right up and get a good look at her nice, bald pussy. Then Stacy dared Jen to do the same to me and her. Stacy and I both put masks on and got really close while Jen pulled her bikini down and revealed her tight bald pussy too.

Jen wanted to step it up again and dared Stacy to put her hand down my pants and grab my dick. When she put her hand down my pants she instantly smiled and said, 'Do you have a BONER?' and I told her yeah, that's what happens when guys get horny. Well it was my turn again so I dared Stacy to let me put my hand down her pants. She said 'OK I guess'.

When I slid my hand down her bikini, I felt her nice bald lips, and I rubbed her clit a little bit and she said,' Quit, that tickles.' So I pulled my hand out. Stacy then dared Jen to let me put my hand down her pants too. It felt the same as Stacy's, very smooth and tight. She giggled too as I tickled her clit. After I pulled my hand out I suggested we finish the game inside. So we all went inside to play.

Once we got inside Jen said it was her turn. She dared me to pull my pants all the way down in front of both of them and for Stacy to grab my dick again. After I dropped my pants and Stacy latched on, she was just staring at my extremely hard dick. I said for her to grasp it and rub it back and forth. She asked why and I told her because to guys it feels good and that I usually do it to myself, but it feels better for another person to do it. It felt so good and I started moaning. She asked if she was hurting me and I said no, it's just what I do when it feels good. So she continued.

Then I dared her to sit on the couch without any bottoms on and to spread her lips and rub herself. She agreed, stripped down, got on the couch, and started. I told her to rub this certain part and pointed out her clitoris. Once she did that she instantly closed her eyes and started moaning. Referring to her moaning, I said 'See what you do when it feels good'.

Unfortunately right after that I heard my mom pull up in the driveway. We all started hurrying to get dressed. I told Stacy that anytime she's over and wants to see my dick, to just ask. She said she would and we've had a few encounters after, which were lots of fun!



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