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Truth Or Dare With Friend

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One day i had a friend stay over at my house and we were just gonna sleep in my room but we got really bored and set up a tent in my yard instead. I live on a farm and have a massive property so we could set the tent up where ever we wanted, and ended up putting it quite a walk away from the house. We brought some candy and a card game into the tent with us incase we got bored - turns out we never did.
We started talking about school, who we hated and who we didnt and that brought us to the subject of girls and this got us rather horny. we began playing truth or dare and ended up both confessing that we masturbate.
soon the dares started to get raunchy. i dared him to take off his clothes and run around the tent and come back in. He came in - standing up with his hands clenched over his crotch so i couldnt see anything he stood there for a while while i asked him how cold it was outside and did anyone see (yeh right) meanwhile my dick was throbbing at the sight of his toned, tanned, smooth body and i wanted more then anything to see his dick. suddenly without warning he took his hand away and his erect dick sprung out - this was no accident he was whatching for my reaction. i acted like it was nothing and said hey your looks just like mine he said 'show me yours' so i did i was a bit thicker but other then that we were identicle. we decided to compare our sizes in greater detail. we got on our knees and mooshed our hard as steel cocks together and his warm rod felt so good againt mine. he laid back down and said ' truth or dare' not thinking twice about the fact that we were both stark naked i replied 'dare' he got some cotten candy and piled it on his raging head and said i dare you to eat it off. i went down and bit the very top of the cotten candy and unfortunately it came off in one chunk so i never got the chance to suck the remanance off his head. next i dared him to rub his hand on my cock. he did it then he went all quiet and was in deep thought while he thought of what to dare me. he began... 'truth or dare' i said dare (funny how they are always dares' he said i dare you to.... i dare you to...' dare me to what' 'oh dont worry' he said 'no i will do it just tell me what it is' 'i was gonna dare your to give me a blowjob'. with that i nelt down and sucked him with all i hadd he was shocked but got somforable and eventually shot heaps and heaps of warm fluid in my mouth - the rest of this story later



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