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Truth or Dare Findings

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You can find out a LOT more from Truth or Dare than you think...


I go to a school that is in a rural area, and in order to compete in sports and other competitions requires the students to take long bus trips to our nearest city. I was one such trip that happened to be quite late at night and me and and my team mates were sitting on this long bus trip very bored, so one girl, let's call her Lillian, suggested we play Truth or Dare. Eventually it was my turn (I picked Truth) and one Yr 11 guy asked if I had ever masturbated before, to which I responded yes. Next time it was my turn again, and again I picked Truth. Lillian asked how many times I had ever orgasamed.

I responsed that I have always come close but had never actually orgasamed, or did but it was pitiful. With that Lillian nodded mysteriously, shrugged, and play moved on.

When we finally got home, Lillian pulled me to one side. She suggested I go on this site, Solo Touch, and get some ideas. She also said to tell her the next day if it had worked. So I did, and find a good technique.

My pussy was soaking, and I was fucking myself hard from the stories and techniques I read. I kept it up, shoving three fingers up my dripping cunt, circling my clit hard and fast and panting like mad.

Unfortunatly, once again I came close but slackened off and it was pitiful.

So I went up to Lillian the next day and said while it worked, my pussy was hot and ready, I still wasn't stimulated.

Once again, she pulled me aside, and quietly suggested, 'Well, why not give lesbian porn a try?'

I was shocked. First off, I considered myself way to shy about my body to even think about that. Second, our house is only small and if mum found out she would go nuts. I told her so and she just shrugged and said, 'You have your own computer in your room right? Wait until it's like midnight and then give it a whirl. But hey, if you really don't wanna...'

Well, several nights after failed attempts at orgasaming, I eventually gave Lillian's suggestion a go. My mum was locked in her room watching movies and my sister was in her room listening to her iPod really loud, so I thought, well, hey, this is as good as it's gonna get so...

I jumped on my laptop and typed in free lesbian porn in the search engine. So many searches popped up! Really excited, I clicked on one. What a site! Hundreds of hot lesbians, each captured in a still of each other fucking each other.

Pussy getting hot, I clicked the play button on one video featuring a threesome with all girls. I was instantly hit with moans and a great vid of three beautiful blondes with huge tits licking each other's hot shaven pussys.

My cunt was flooded. Hot and horny, I stripped off my pants and touched my clit. I instantly felt a ripple in my stomach I had never felt before. Stunned, I started rubbing slowly, rubbing my hard tits along with the girls in the video. By then my breathing was caught and it was shallow and deep.

I rubbed my clit harder, and shoved two fingers hard in my dripping cunt. I went at the same pace as the hot girls in the clip, until I was moaning along with the blonde being eaten out. Excited, hard, horny and dripping, I pumped my cunt hard and fast, and rubbed my clit so hard and fast.

I moaned...then CUMMED! Not some pitiful, disgracful moan, but a full on squeal of delight. I was lying in a pool of my squirted pussy juices, breathing hard and heavy and feeling fucking fantastic. I thought well, hey, if I can can do it once I can do it again!

I clicked on another clip (the blondes were long finished), and while my second one wasn't as explosive as my 1st, it was still pretty good!

I still use lesbian porn as a means to jack off. While I don't consider myself lesbian, I fantasize about being with my 'big boobed babes' and eating their hot pussys out.

Try it, and you'll be so estatic with the results!

Mmm...I just might have a date with my gorgeous blondes now!



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