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Truth or Dare

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Friends playing truth or dare and spin the bottle


One day when I was about 14 I was playing with a bunch of friends both female and male, we decided to play truth or dare and spin the bottle . There were five girls ranging in age from 13 to 16 and five guys ranging in age from 13 to 16. We sat on the floor and started spinning the bottle.

It landed on one of the girls, she was 16 had long blonde hair and a pretty face with blue eyes. They asked her truth or dare and she picked dare so the girls voted and told her she had to pick a boy and touch his cock. She just happened to pick me, it felt so good it tickled like no tomorrow.

We continued to play until most of everyone was bored with the game and most of everyone had to leave. Only three girls and myself remained. The girls were talking and giggling and then one girl said we want to see your cock naked. I was not sure that was a good idea and there were three of them I being a little shy said maybe next time. The girls begged they said please.

So I pulled my pants down so they could see my cock. One girl reached out and grabbed it making it tickle and making it get very hard. The other two girls said we want to feel his cock too so they each took turns holding and touching it. By this time I was hard as hell and throbbing. They said we can't leave you like this let us help you cum. Again I was shy and scared but my body was telling me let them.

So one girl placed her hand firmly on my balls while one spit on my cock and began to rub it in her sticky wet warm hand, she jerked it up and down sending pulsating tickles all the way through my body. The third girl joined in placing her hand on top and when the first girl jerked my cock, the head of it rubbed against the sticky warm palm of the other girl. It felt so amazing. I could feel my cum boiling in my balls, the tickles were getting to be too much for me to handle.

The girl that was holding my balls went down placing her mouth on my balls gently sucking on them. I could feel her tongue caressing them, her saliva warm and wet covering my ball sack while the other two jerked my shaft harder and faster. I soon shot my ropes of hot white cum all over the hands of the two girls and even got some on the face of the one that was sucking my balls.

They stopped and cleaned me and themselves up and told me good boy. I did not know what to think but after that day I looked forward to playing with them any time I could get.



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