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Truth or Dare

Posted by: Author: Age: 18 Posted on: 3 comments
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My name is Lilly, but I will change the name of my friend. And yes, this really happened.


The usually girly sleepover, four of us crammed into my room sitting around and playing truth or dare. We lit the room with a couple of candles for atmosphere. We were all sitting around in just our bras and panties, hot as all hell in my room right at the top of the house in mid summer.

We got over the usual, 'Who kissed who' stuff and were well into 'How far have you got?' One girl (Hmmm Let's say Kate) suddenly blurted out 'DARE' when it was her turn.

I said 'Take your bra off' which, to my surprise, she did.

We had a few more rounds with us daring each other to kiss someone and I guess it got pretty raunchy for four teenage girls.

One spin of the bottle had Katie saying 'truth' and I said 'What is the kinkiest thing you ever did?' Katie didn't even hesitate. 'I peed my panties on purpose when I felt horny one night. It make me cum without even touching myself!' Well, THAT Was a show-stopper. After a second of silence, a deluge of questions to her which, condensed were this. Apparently she had snuck out into her garden for a little jill outdoors. She liked the feeling of the cool, dew-laden grass and it made her want to pee. She squatted down and did it really slowly into her panties and the feeling just made her cum.

I know I wasn't the only girl in the room thinking 'I might try that!'

Then the bottle stopped at me. I blurted out 'Dare' And Kate was straight back with 'I dare you to pee your panties, right now'. I got a towel, padded it up and squatted over it. Of course, I couldn't go just like that and I had to close my eyes and think of a sexy boy I knew before I was able to relax enough. Then I felt a small trickle. It spread out like warmth between my legs and up my ass a little. Suddenly, I felt the same thing. I was aroused and as I made myself do it really slowly, I knew that it was going to get me off. I reached up and pinched my nipple (actually, I got my right breast out of my bra to do it) and suddenly came.

When I opened my eyes, two of the girls had their hand in their panties and Katie was asking me to budge over. She did the same thing on my towel, and made herself cum.

It got more heated after that with us daring each other to not only kiss but finger one another. We ended up paired up in bed together and the rest of the night was full of moans and sighs.

Damn but it was a hot night, and also really embarrassing the next day!



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