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Truth or Dare

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This just happened over the weekend, and I've been thinking about it 24/7 since then.

My neighbor Emily is the same age as me, and we have always been really close growing up. She is pretty hot, but I've never tried to do anything with her since she's kind of like my sister. Not that I haven't had fantasies about her, I just never acted on them.

Anyway, she was over at my house because my parents were at dinner and her mom wasn't home, so we were both bored. I had just gotten an app on my phone for adult truth or dare. I suggested trying it out, just for fun, and we started playing.

We weren't really serious about it, we were just laughing at all the ridiculous dares and answering some of the truths. I didn't expect anything was going to happen.

Then she got a dare that said 'Take Nick into the bathroom and let him shave your muff.' I started laughing and so did she, and then all of a sudden she said 'we should try that'. I looked at her, trying to decide if she was serious or not, but she just said, 'I really want to see what being shaved feels like, and it might be fun to have some help.' I was totally blown away, but I think I must have nodded and agreed, because she asked me if I wanted to do it in the shower. We ended up going into my parents master bathroom, and getting a bath ready instead in their huge bathtub.

I was really nervous, and I'm sure she was too, so I broke the tension by going to get my razor and some towels from down the hall. As I walked back into the bathroom, my jaw dropped. Emily was standing there, already naked. She had perfect c-cups, and she was slender. There were a few freckles around her boobs, and her nipples were small and pink, and they were already hard. Her bush was trimmed and only a little darker than her light blonde hair.

She looked at me and her face turned red, but we both smiled, and she asked me what I was waiting for. I laughed nervously as I took off my clothes, and as I pulled down my jeans and boxers, my half erect cock popped out. She was staring at it, and I asked her if she had seen one before, and she said she had only seen her brothers, and only by accident when he got out of the shower.

We got into the bathtub together and she put shaving cream all over her pubic area. I gently put one hand on her thigh and started shaving the top of her bush. As I started to get lower, she guided my hand, and she started to breath a lot heavier. She spread her legs wide apart so that I could get down lower, and my cock was instantly harder than it had ever been before. I was on my knees in front of her, and she was holding her body out of the water, her wet breasts just above the water line.

I hesitantly touched her pussy as I worked down lower and lower, and her breathing continued to get heavier. When I finished, she flipped over, taking me by surprise. 'You may as well get everything,' she said quickly, and I realized that she wanted me to shave her asshole too. It was the pinkest asshole I have ever seen in my life, and my hands got a little carried away as I finished up on her back, because she was moaning when I took the razor away. She asked me in a low voice to rub her. I began to rub her from behind with one hand, and I started to stroke my cock with the other. I was almost about to cum, and apparently so was she, because she started moaning loudly, and she was grinding against my hand. All of a sudden, she started shaking and she collapsed. She held my hand to her pussy and was still rubbing it slowly when I came all over her ass and back. We both lay against each in the bath for a while, but eventually we both sat up and started washing off. We got out and dried off, but we stayed naked and went back to my room, since neither of our parents would be home for a few more hours.

She lay with her back pressed against me and we watched tv for a while. The whole time, I was gently massaging her breasts, and she reached back and stroked my cock for a while, but eventually she said she had to leave. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, then got dressed and went back to her house.

This story is all true, and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have been thinking about it every chance I get, and I have jacked off every night to the image of me rubbing her tight shaved pussy.



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