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Truth or Dare

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Two years ago I went on a trip with my school. It was an overnight trip so we had to stay in a hotel. It was me and this other guy named Jake. There was only one bed in the room and instead of taking turns sleeping on it we decided to sleep in it together. Besides, it was a big king size bed so we had our space. At night we got dressed in our pajamas before bed. I wore pajama pants and a shirt and he wore sweatpants and a shirt. We got settled in our bed and turned on the tv and started channel surfing. This hotel had free hbo and as we surfed we came to some hot porn of two lesbians having sex. We stopped at this channel and watched it for ten minutes, but then it was over and we decided to go to sleep.

I was so hard from the porn and couldnt get to sleep. So then I asked Jake if he was even tired. He replied that he wasn't. I then asked him to play truth or dare and he responded quickly with a yes.

The first couple questions were about who we liked, and thought what was hot, and how far we have gotten. The first dares were stupid random ones like go do a cartwheel. It was his turn now and he wanted truth. So I asked him if he jacked off. He laughed and said yes and asked me the same thing for my turn. I admitted I did then I dared him to go on the floor and take off all his clothes under a blanket. He did, but he was very shy and was slow and hesitant. He then dared me to do the same thing, but on the bed next to him. I did it freeing my hard cock for a minute as we then put our clothes back on under the blankets.

There was now a sexual tension. The truths were starting to be more like how many times do you jack off, whats your favorite porn, what do you clean yourself up with, and do you use lube. After a series of truths Jake wanted a dare. I dared him to jerk himself off under the blanket for 30 seconds. He did so as I carefully watched him to make sure he wasn't faking. Then I got dared to do the same thing, but for a minute. I did it, but after about 30 seconds I felt like I was gonna blow so I just moved my hand up and down without touching my cock tricking that I was doing it for the whole minute.

Super horny, I dared him to pull down his pants and show his pubes, but he wouldn't. I promised him that we would do it at the same time, but he wouldnt budge. He then dared me to sleep naked tonight, but for some reason I didnt feel up to it and I made an excuse that I wouldn't be able to do any more dares since I was naked. Then I dared the turning point of the night. I dared him to get an erection and hold it so you could see the outline through the pants. I did it too at the same time. It was kind of like comparing through clothes. I was 5.5 inches and he looked a little smaller and definetly thinner then my thick cock.

We didn't feel like playing anymore and we just asked each other questions. I revealed to him that I was uncut and that made him really curious. I then said before we go to sleep we should jack off and he said ok, but go get some toliet paper to shoot our stuff in. I did, but when I got back he said he changed his mind and didnt want to anymore. I was disappointed, but then still gave him the toliet paper in case he changed his mind. He went off to sleep. I just released my cock and pumped twice before I blasted into that toliet paper. Then I went to sleep.

I never saw his toliet paper again and I wonder if he ever used it.



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